Permanent Website Infrastructure for Index “Content”

Our website doesn’t have any place beyond the “News” tab for coop-produced content to live at the moment. I propose we make one.

Existing Pieces of Writing
Take the work that the Investment Committee has done so far, for instance. They’ve written good, detailed explanations of the products in DPI. Those explanations are currently only seen by people who are subscribed to our substack. You can’t find them even when specifically googling for them.

In general it seems like a good idea to have easily accessible, detailed explanations from the Coop of each product that make up our tokens. Also, the lack of searchability means if a “crypto-curious” person is searching for information on Compound, there is currently zero chance they’ll stumble onto @Lavi’s excellent explanation of how Compound works. That feels like a missed opportunity to me. If we’re going to put the effort of making content, we should be hosting it permanently to direct traffic back to our products.

On a related note, I’ve been working on a Crypto ELI5 with the help of @verto0912 and @TenaciousTerrier, and I’m curious about the community’s opinion on the utility of such a thing for the coop. In the short time since I’ve gotten involved in the space I’ve been swamped with requests for explanations of crypto from people with little to no technical background. I think a glossary of a few basic terms (Blockchain, ETH, DeFi, etc.) explained simply would be helpful as more and more people come into the space over the next year or two.

Other Useful Content
I’m also curious what else ya’ll see as helpful pieces of content to have going forward. We have a “How to Buy DPI” Page. Should we have video versions of that? Video versions of setting up various wallets to help true newbies?

I think a lot about @puniaviision ‘s post “A Proposed Product Philosphy”, specifically the part where he pictures the prospective end users: “a middle aged factory worker saving for retirement, a father investing in a college fund, and the young woman daring to make a bet against the status quo.”

If we want to get our products into the hands of these prospective users, I think a resource specifically for getting people started with a wallet would be smart, as if you don’t have someone who already knows a bit about Crypto, you’re sorta out in the cold at the moment.

Any thoughts on other helpful projects or feedback on anything mentioned above are appreciated!


Good idea.

Maybe we can think about moving beyond substack and medium to Ghost as a CMS for our blog/content when we set up a new site and try and build some domain rep.


This could expand to quite a big topic but is one that should be discussed.

Recently I have seen that the github repository for the site has been posted in docs - GitHub - SetProtocol/index-ui , that should help, at least a little.

My request would be to build in multiple language support from the start if any hosting or redesign changes were to take place.

Also ,regarding the ELI5 and glossary - I picked up on @overanalyser 's comment about creating a glossary a while back and have just worked through getting it published - Index Coop Glossary - Index Coop Community Handbook I hope that can help! It is not a full crypto glossary as it was suggested to keep it related to terms found on Index Coop platforms.

@LemonadeAlpha 's idea about Ghost is a good point which may also help with mirroring to IPFS. I really like the design and presentation in this regard. Though I am now struggling to remember why I thought it was connected with Ghost.


This glossary is GREAT! Thank you! And by multiple language support, do you mean like, whenever “Oracle” gets written, it’s a clickable word that opens up a small window with a definition if clicked?

Cool! Glad you like it, thank you!

For language support, I just meant that there should be a straightforward way to publish a page in multiple languages. So that its not a case of basically publishing a separate website for each language.

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Absolutely agree. When we first started with the Investment Committee, we also discussed about how to best host the content we produce. Substack is a great way to distribute it, but the website and SEO should be improved. It would be great if DeFi folks will stroll to our website for information and to consume content.

@DevOnDeFi is planning to place some change requests for the website onto the Dev’s backlog. It is more focused on creating a sweet landing page, but maybe there are synergies between the two topics.


Would just echo everyone. Substack has great content and we try to use UTM tags and link back to the indexcoop site as much as we can. But we are not benefiting from our content as much as we could. Incorporating it on the website would be beneficial because:

  • Someone might come for the product, but stay for content;

  • Someone might come for content and stay for product;

  • We could also ask people which newsletter or type of content they want to sign up for. Which would allow us, for example, to send out governance and meta-governance updates to encourage voting participation.


This is quite primitive at the moment, but wanted to let everyone publishing content know about this google doc:

Blog posts, podcasts and other informational content related to the Index Coop can be posted to by adding an entry to the bottom of the google sheet. It will then automatically be populated on


100% agree with @DOC’s comment about creating a blog to host the Index Coop content. It really feels to me like this should be linked underneath Resources on the home page so it’s easy to direct people to it:

I would be in favor @lemonade’s idea to host this on Ghost so we can move quickly and start directly people to the great content from the Investment Committee there.

Personally, I reference valuable articles or blog posts all the time. Right now, that’s incredibly hard to do because it’s hard to search and discover. It feels wasted to me that the @Lavi and @Matthew_Graham substack blog posts on COMP and AAVE are not somewhere outside of my email inbox.

@verto0912 Anyone on the Investment Committee who would be interested in volunteering to do this work? Maybe we just need to get the Growth Working Committee to approve the ~$200 we need for someone to put the Ghost site together.

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Would definitely agree with this point, @DOC, and thanks for posting and raising awareness.

I think we need to improve the overall site and this piece (amongst others, such as landing page infra) should be included in that larger project. I don’t think it’s worth fixing up a blog using Ghost (or other) now before the larger, strategic site overhaul though.

I’m working with @codemathics (and hopefully some others too) to start the process towards a new site. We’ll be sharing work and ideas in Growth and Marketing Discord channels for discussion and feedback on things like brand framework, site navigation, homepage wireframe, other wireframes, etc.