Introducing the pmGovBot!

In an effort to continue the evolution of governance, the Governance Nest introduces the third tier in the Governance Full-Stack: Pollmaster Discord Bot (pmGovBot) in the Index Coop Contributor Server!

For background, the pmGovBot is the latest component of the Full Stack of Governance tools. This tool and process is designed to influence quick, low impact decisions that do not require a formal decision. The introduction of new tools like this continue our Governance journey towards easier, faster and more trusted governance tools.

This new layer allows contributors (and potentially community members) to do simple yet flexible “unofficial surveys” to quickly gauge participant sentiment. Also new in the tool is the ability to mark polls as anonymous - now you can collect feedback on potentially sensitive topics while providing a veil of safety for participants using the new pmGovBot.

Potential use-cases for the pmGovBot:

  • Consensus checks to feed into pod and nest level formational work
  • Initiatives or the remove sentimental blockers,
  • Pulse check on new ideas and concepts
  • Broad contributor sentiment on current issues and opportunities
  • Polls where sentiment may be politically sensitive - or high fear of reprisals

NOT use-cases for the pmGovBot:

  • Complex or multi tired proposals - this tool supports simple questions
  • Binding polls or high impact decision
  • Decisions best left for contributor or community vote processes

Where to use the GovBot?

  • For community wide input place the poll in the all contributors > announcement section remember to tag @VerifiedContributor to bring awareness to all contributors.
  • For Pod or Nest input, place the Bot in the highest level channel that will reach your audience.

Quick Commands:



Initially we are permissioning all contributors to use the polling bot; we will review this policy if/as required.


Please use the #alternative-governance channel for questions and concerns; tag @mel.eth and @shawn16400 if your matter is urgent.

Further Resources:

Link to Bot:
Pollmaster Discord Support: Pollmaster HQ
Pollmaster Github: GitHub - matnad/pollmaster: Discord Bot for creating and managing polls and votes
Full Stack Governance Twitter Space: