Monthly Governance Reporting Thread

This is a thread of monthly governance reports and discussion.

We encourage everyone interested to please add comments, questions, and suggestions for improvement. Thank you for your focus and feedback!

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Season 1 Proposal


mel.eth - Governance Nest Coordinator
shawn16400 - Governance Communications Coordinator
sixtykeys - Governance Operations Pod Coordinator
Lavi - MetaGovernance Committee (MGC) Coordinator
Puncar - MetaGovernance Ambassador Program Coordinator

Regular Correspondence

Weekly OKR updates/ high-level reporting : IC Weekly Standup
Nest Public Meeting: Thursdays 1500 UTC (Bi-Weekly)

Governance Explainers

The Index Improvement Proposal Process
MetaGovernance at Index Coop
How to Delegate

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I understand that Gov Nest is also generally responsible for coordination infrastructure (for lack of a better term) and not just Snapshot, ie, owl level-weighted voting, deliberation and alignment tools, etc. It would be useful to make that explicit, assign a G.Nest contact, and have objectives. A lot of this can benefit from the work being done in the alternative governance channel.


Appreciate the feedback. There’s great work being done in that channel and in the workshops that @anthonyb.eth is facilitating. GovNest is always open to new tooling suggestions as infrastructure is a big part of how we think about building out the distributed decision-making and communication channels that support consensus-based strategy and alignment for the DAO. I’m near certain that we’ll be running some experiments shortly on both more robust and lightweight methods of DAO consensus and the ongoing Alt Gov sessions will mainly drive that conversation for now. We’ll be looking to stand up the proper infrastructure (and iterative improvement infrastructure) following in short order. I’ll be sure to ping you if we find ourselves covering these topics outside of that current forum. Thanks for the call-out here @JosephKnecht.


Find attached the GovNest Monthly Report for February 2022. The start of the year has been positioning the Governance Nest for growth and operational excellence. Although this is the first Governance Report, it was built on a solid foundation which will allow us to improve with the new priorities for Season 1.
Authors: @mel.eth @sixtykeys @Lavi @puncar and @shawn16400


Please find the GovNest Monthly Report for March 2022. Many thanks to @marshmellow for helping us move this report to the Blog | Index Coop. Feel free to suggest any improvements given this report was designed for you, the contributor.
Authors: @mel.eth @sixtykeys @Lavi @puncar and @shawn16400
Index Cooperative | March 2022 Governance Nest Report | Index Coop


Please find the GovNest Monthly Report for April 2022. With help from @marshmellow we will load this to Blog | Index Coop time permitting.


Please find attached the May 2022 Governance Report. Thank you to @mel.eth @sixtykeys and @shawn16400 for helping get this report completed.