The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.02.24 Thursday

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Today, Governance Nest held its biweekly meeting. Growth Nest did a deep dive into Content Pod, and @Crypto_Texan hosted Conversations with the Coop with the methodologists behind $MVI



Nest Proposals:


GovNest Provides Pod and Proposal Updates

Governance Nest (12 attendees) notion

Recall that GovNest meets biweekly on Thursdays at 10am EST. GovNest has 3 Pods: GovOps (led by @sixtykeys), GovComms (led by @shawn16400), GovDesk (led by @Lavi). Update on Gov’s Nest Proposal: the finance review is ongoing and an update is expected soon. A bounty board is in development and this is expected to be the primary method of rewards for flexible contributors.

Quick Pod updates:

GovComms: They are working on a project schedule to track the progress and status of current and upcoming projects. GovComms has created a content calendar with upcoming videos and written governance content.

GovOps: They are looking for Governance Reps, these are folks who receive Snapshot requests on the forum and get them written up and into Snapshot. Each governance role and corresponding responsibilities are being documented.

Gov Desk: Two Metagovernance IIPs were under quorum, but with a last-minute push during the meeting IIP 132 and IIP 133 reached quorum and passed. The metagovernance committee vote wrapped up today with the top three nominees: @Matthew_Graham @Lavi @ncitron. The ambassador program is underway, led by @puncar. Ambassadors will work closely with the BD team as they interact with other protocols.

It is a period of change and many challenges to work through, but @mel.eth and the GovNest are committed to helping navigate any changes and ensure clarity.

A Season Full of Content

Growth Nest (21 attendees) [slides]

The GrowthNest meeting today focused on the Content Pod. Last season at IC, Content Pod focused on building out the team and pipeline. With a team of talented writers and the pipeline in place, there is a full content calendar for season one, including 8 blogs per month, 1 white paper per quarter, and 1 newsletter per week. Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of the blog.

The long-term vision for the Content Pod is to create a robust library of content that can easily enable anyone to learn everything there is to know about our products.

In addition to the content calendar, the Content Pod also edits and publishes content from other pods. If you have content that you would like editing and distribution help on, please reach out to @marshmellow.

We are in week three of the new weekly newsletter, led by @kindeagle. It is more external-facing compared to the sCoop. The newsletter focuses on providing education on our products and keeping people informed about happenings at IC. Please send any events and product launches to @kindeagle so that they can be included in the newsletter.

Daily Owlpha: “Crypto is the smartest people in the world exiting into their own economy.” - @naval

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