July Rewards Distribution

July Rewards Distribution


The index Contributor Rewards Methodology can be found here.

July Distribution

The July rewards distribution has been posted here.

INDEX Valuation

INDEX rewards are first estimated in USD, and then converted to its equivalent INDEX quantity.
The 20 day rolling average value of INDEX is used to calculate INDEX distribution quantity.
The 20 day rolling average as of August 7th is calculated as $24.38 per INDEX.

Disputing Rewards

If you feel like there are contributions that we’ve missed, or you feel like there should be adjustments to the rewards amounts, please fill this form out.

Claiming Rewards

This month’s reward distribution was completed via Index Coop Safe Payroll. This is a fork of the native gnosis multisig transaction bundler. We are continuing to iterate on the treasury distribution to improve speed & security of execution.

Rewards have been batched into 6 groups of multisig transactions:
Initial Test Transactions
First Batch
Second Batch
Third Batch
Fourth Batch
Fifth Batch


Really active month in the Coop! Congratulations everyone :clap:


Pulling out of the spreadsheet for added context :point_down:

INDEX spent on rewards - July: 12,930.64 INDEX ($249,440.16)

Funding Council - funds remaining: 54,921.69 INDEX // ~$2.1MM (Etherscan)