Launching the Index Coop Protocol Ambassador Program

Contributors and Feedback: @cedrick @HelloShreyas @Lavi & the protocol ambassadors listed below
Date: June 28, 2021

Launching the Index Coop Ambassador Program

The Index Coop Protocol Ambassador Program has kicked off! We want to provide an overview as to who our Protocol Ambassadors are and what their responsibilities look like.

In short, the Protocol Ambassador Program is designed to give us a better pulse on the DeFi ecosystem by having individuals dedicated to monitoring each of the protocols within DPI.

General Responsibilities of Each Ambassador

Protocol Ambassadors primarily serve a reporting and information-gathering function to Index Coop, rather than an outreach function. Protocol Ambassadors are independent advisors to Index Coop, reporting back updates and input from specific protocols. The goal is to make sure that Index Coop is kept aware of the latest developments, plans and sentiment for each of the protocols within DPI whenever relevant to Index Coop.

  • Reporting: remaining up to date on developments at the protocol to which the Protocol Ambassador is assigned and reporting back to Index Coop and/or the Meta-Governance Committee (if MGC IIP is approved by community) any relevant updates. This might include:
    • Monitoring the protocol’s governance forum / Discord or otherwise keeping up with relevant news, projects and community sentiment and flagging when there are any updates that would be relevant to Index Coop
    • Goal is to flag those updates that are most useful to Index Coop (e.g., if a protocol is seeking to diversify its treasury, list new assets, engage in new partnerships, etc.)
  • Meta-Gov: for those protocols which currently allow for meta-gov voting (Uniswap, Aave, Compound, Balancer and Yearn), consulting with the Meta-Governance Committee (again, if passed) in the event it requires any protocol-specific insight into a particular meta-gov proposal
  • Other: assisting with efforts
    • to unlock meta-governance capabilities for the protocol, if applicable
    • to list DPI as collateral, if appropriate
    • with respect to other partnership-building projects as needed
    • to support initiatives others have initiated with your protocol (e.g., by helping whip up support, etc.)

We will check in regularly to see if there are any new updates. Updates can always be added in the #governance-work channel on the Index Coop Discord or directly with Cedrick#2849 or Lavi#3955.

Protocol-Specific Ideas for Maximizing Impact

Beyond the general responsibilities above, Protocol Ambassadors are encouraged to think about more ambitious initiatives specific to their protocol that they might be able to help create. For example, consider @Matthew_Graham’s work seeking to have DPI and Uniswap V2 DPI-ETH LP listed on Aave. If you have any specific ideas, please flag those and we can help make sure you get the appropriate resources needed.

Protocol Ambassadors

*Only protocols in bold currently have meta-governance voting live.


Protocol Ambassadors with updates to report back to Index Coop or who otherwise are assisting with related initiatives are encouraged to note these contributions in the Index Coop monthly contributor rewards spreadsheet to be compensated.


Great to get this going @cedrick , thanks for the post and details. I got up to speed with REN a while back and would be happy to go back, keep track, and feed-in if it helps.

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That would be great, thanks @mrvls_brkfst - will edit this to drop you in there.

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Awesome @cedrick & @Lavi & @HelloShreyas - really looking forward to the fruits of this!


Awesome work @cedrick and crew.

Really pumped to see this.

I think it’s a great idea and am whole heartedly FOR.


I have good knowledge about the COMP as they are one of the earliest/important protocols in DeFi, however, I am not active in their community yet.
I would like to fill in the COMP Ambassador. Given the responsibilities above, I do believe that I can do the job and learn more about their community.


Thanks @Don-ETH - as mentioned separately, we’d love to have you involved there. I’ll update this post to reflect that.

Great to see this live :smiley: I had a catch up call with Lợi, the founder of Kyber, last Friday. When I told him about becoming the ambassador for Kyber within Index Coop he was very excited. He says he and the team are open to collaboration and more involvement. So that’s a promising start. He also wants to have more conversations around the meta-governance.

Hi everyone, happy to apart of this program and spoke with Kyber, they are excited about possible colabs :slight_smile:


This post was flagged for some reason and only now is visible. So thats why you see me commenting twice. But yeah small update. Kyber and Index introduction has happened and are now in conversations :muscle:

hey @cedrick, did you come across anyone very integrated into the Bancor community during your research by any chance?

Hey @verto0912, unfortunately have not come across anyone with particular expertise there. I will keep my ears open and let you know if I do.

Do we have am ambassador to Olympus? If not I’m spending some time with them and can potentially help …


This program was only meant for DPI projects so we do not have an OHM protocol ambassador. However, if you do have relationships there if you could connect us with the community it will be great! I will DM you on discord.

I think this is another step towards an almighty Coop! Close relationship with the other people in the DPI ecosystem can only improve what was already built

Hey @cedrick @Mringz , is there a protocol ambassador for Badger DAO? After reading @Mringz great guide here. I can definitely take this one on!


I believe you can take the lead with that! No, one has come forward.


The Protocol ambassador program is a beautiful initiative. IC🚀 The index coop is indeed a pacesetter.