Looking for Contributors Interested in Working on Product

Hey guys, great to see all the talent flowing into the Coop! Want to highlight an opportunity for people to contribute on the newly formed Product Working Group.

Job: We’re looking for contributors interested in learning about Product as a discipline that encompasses:

  1. Understanding customers and markets.
  2. Feeding in data to create a product strategy.
  3. Taking products to market and coordinating between different teams to make launches successful.
  4. Monitoring products after launch and giving guidance to business and engineering teams on how to make the products winners.
  5. Understanding and improving the governance process to onboard new products.
  6. Prioritizing and managing roadmaps.

Ask: We’re looking for contributors able to consistently commit at least 15-20 hours a week. We’re looking for people that we can invest in and are interested in working with the Coop for the longer term.

A successful person here will likely have some of the follow attributes:

  1. Deep understanding of DeFi and/or TradFi.
  2. Experience working at a high-growth company.
  3. Technical knowledge of the web3 stack.
  4. Growth mindset.
  5. Interest in deeply understanding rules-based, on-chain, financial products.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, DM me @Puniaviision#3752


I’d be super interested in chatting with you about this!


Great proposal! I’m down. Looking to have a conversation but I can’t figure out how to DM people.

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Sounds interesting! Just sent a DM!

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sounds interesting, sent a DM on telegram

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Please DM me if you are interested! I won’t be able to ping you individually on the forum.

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Sent request on Discord. Please check.

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Thanks, @puniaviision . I’m very interested in getting involved. I currently run product strategy in SaaS and I’m looking to make the move over to DeFi.

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Please join our Discord and keep an eye on the #product channel for opportunities to contribute.