Call For Non-Technical Contributors

Hey guys,

We are beginning to engage in significant sales, business development, and marketing efforts to grow our products and increase awareness. This is a great opportunity for any non-technical individuals to contribute to the Coop and earn $INDEX rewards for their efforts.

Some of the key things we will be working on:

  • Creating decks, one pagers, and other informational material for potential partners
  • Managing a CMS for our existing and future conversations
  • Discussing and negotiating potential tokenomic programs
  • Quantitate analysis of existing customers and understanding their needs
  • Creating educational and marketing material

Things you will learn:

  • Managing a sales/bd process
  • Deep understanding of the DeFi space including key centralized players and distribution channels
  • Marketing, sales, and bd best practices (including the idiosyncratic ones unique to the crypto space)
  • Performing analysis of onchain data

You’ll be working with some of the most passionate and intelligent people in DeFi as well as earning $INDEX tokens for your efforts! There’s a wide latitude of tasks requiring different skills and different time commitments. Please DM me @puniaviision (Discord or Twitter) to get involved.

Welcome to the future of work.


Already contributing in others ways, but this is really my specialty. I’ve worked in fintech/ enterprise software business development and customer success. Will message.


This is a great idea for a new role. The product (DPI) is clearly working and tested now. Now it’s time for more partnerships, integrations etc.