The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.03.14 Monday

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It’s a big one today. The Owls held our Weekly Standup (soon to be bi-weekly; see below) with updates from 5 Nests and a few selected Pods within them.

Tomorrow, we kick off the day with a Community Call on icETH, which will launch in the very, very near future. (next week, perhaps?). Next, Analytics Pod. And after more than a month-long hiatus, Community Welcome Call is back at 19:00 UTC!


Finance | Product:

Who says DAOs don’t ship?

Weekly Stand Up (33 attendees) slides

Kicking off with some core KPIs from @anthonyb.eth in a new format: AUM, N$F, and Revenue was down this week across Mainnet and Polygon. Some trends over time: From the peak, we are down 44% in ETH from peak, compared to 69% in USD. He’ll cover N$F in depth at the Leadership Forum, but the summary is that N$F has been flat since October 2021.

Starting next week, we’re going biweekly on this call and capping it at 40 minutes. That means next week (March 21) will be an “on” week and the week after (March 28) will be “off.” Community Nest will host the biweekly sync, including a weekly schedule, core KPIs, need-to-knows from all nests, and 1 Pod Spotlight from alternating nests. Wednesday’s hour-long Leadership Forum will remain dedicated to diving deep into particular topics with a focus on business growth. Issue-led conversations will be generated from this Leadership Forum Agenda Queue, where contributors can anonymously submit discussion suggestions.

Community Nest @Pepperoni_Joe

Successes from last week include: Talent Pod’s first draft of a repeatable recruitment process, Ops’s completion of the revamp of Google Suite (contact @coolhorsegirl if you’re having Drive issues and @StepvhenH if you’re having calendar issues), and a clean-up of the Community Server. They also saw a presentation by Level 7 on a plan for HC&C Pod.

This week they’re focused on: increasing engagement in the Community Server, finalizing a formal copy of the recruitment process, and reviewing a Conflict Management Plan with WIC and HC&C, and finishing all product FAQ pages. They will start building the Index Terminal Dashboard and finalizing community engagement plans for JPG’s impending release.

Finance Nest @Matthew_Graham

An IIP to request additional funding (USDC from the treasury) to the investment account is live on the forum. They’re aiming to have all USDC owned by IC that isn’t ringfenced for operational expenses by the end of the month.

From Reporting: Financial reports will be concluded upon this week. Budgets vs Actuals is live on the forum. A DSM update for February will be provided in due course.

Governance Nest @mel.eth

The ICC Contributor vote has only 35% participation thus far. It has been sent by ChoiceVoting to your email. Voting ends tomorrow night. Troubleshooting advice is on the slides. Go vote!

Few publications from Comms:

Also, @puncar has got the Maker integration underway, which he says is “completely necessary” for the Coop. And Gov’s Season 2 Budget IIP will go up Wednesday.

Growth Nest @Metfanmike

UX & Analytics moved off of Github to Webflow website hosting, enabling faster/easier site updates. Design has created new product one-pager templates and a new Index Coop Brand Book is in the works. Follow Index Coop on YouTube—we need 1000 followers to start livestreaming. IB met with Wintermute to provide a Liquidity Wish List.

Last week’s Community Call featured a spotlight on the Defi Business Development pod strategy (replay here). @funkmasterflex talked a big focus of season 1: DAO treasuries (main takeaway: DAOS want competitive returns on stablecoins and ETH; we should make products that cater to these needs). @Mringz explained partnerships and integrations adoption, including two types of programs: exchange issuance affiliate and comprehensive incentive.

The BitGo webinar has been officialized for March 29th. The Syngnum Podcast will be April 26 and corresponding Webinar will be May 12.

Product Nest @DocHabanero

An update on product strategy: focus has shifted to yield-generating products while they continue to evaluate other index products. They’re working through challenges for capital funding and have removed Work-Team-Assessment (WTA) from onboarding process.

Product Roadmap:

  • BTC FLIs (2x + Inverse) on Polygon launched
  • $JPG: Estimated launch date of March 30th
  • Continuing to work with branding partner for: $MCAP, $P2E
  • $LAYER1 & $P2E up for DG this week

As for yield-generating products, $FIXED was updated last week, DG set for this week, and PRD withheld for sensitivity. $icETH was posted last week and will have a Community Call tomorrow. Basis Trading product was posted.

From Engineering Pod, for $JPG, they’re scoping a potential microsite/landing page for daily NFT giveaways to Liquidity Providers. BTC-2x-FLI-P and iBTC-FLI-P launched on Friday (@FlattestWhite’s first index deployment!). Leverage Token Exchange Issuance has been deployed to Polygon (@christn). Front-end integration in progress. For 0x API Exchange Issuance, they’ve received API key from 0x and are setting up infrastructure as well as testing the algorithm to optimize slippage parameters on the front-end.

OOO: @ElliottWatts Mar 21-25, @Pepperoni_Joe Mar 21-27, @Mringz Mar 16-21

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1400 - icETH Community Call
1600 - Analytics Pod
1900 - Community Welcome Orientation Call

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