Nominations for - Wise Owls / Index Council

Authors: @Pepperoni_Joe

Reviewers: @mel.eth, @sixtykeys, @Lavi (Governance Nest)


Over the last 4 months, Index Coop has been undergoing a major transformation to level up in a variety of areas - we call this Index 2.0. Our recent focus has been on reimagining how we do Leadership, Governance and Decision Making.

On November 10th we ran an extended Leadership Forum (slides | recording) which introduced the concept of Pods, Nests and Wise Owls. This was followed up on November 15th with a detailed post confirming the approach and articulating next steps.

These organizational and leadership concepts have received broad community support, with temperature checks clearly showing our community is ready to move forward and establish Nest / Pod structures and a “Wise Owl” Index Council)

This post is focused just on the Index Council and seeks to launch the nomination and election process for Wise Owls.

Key Action:

Formation of the Wise Owls / Index Council, with a term ideally starting November 29th and running until February 28th.

Group Structure:

We propose that this group be made up of:

  • Seven Index Coop contributors

We believe that seven people is the optimal number of individuals for this group to make rapid progress whilst still being representatives from across Index Coop.

There will be no hard cap on the number of Index Council members which are required from a specific Nest (we had floated the idea previously of having a minimum of two technical Nest representatives).

Wise Owls can be nominated from Owls of any level (i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze)

You can read more about the expectations and responsibilities of the Wise Owls here.


Voting System

  • Choice Vote will be used to enable contributors to vote for their Wise Owl representatives.

  • The seven positions will be filled using the voting system of “Electoral Reform Society STV”. This is a type of rank order voting designed to maximise the significance of each individual vote, reduce vote gaming and minimize the frequency of “wasted votes”. This 7 minute video, and this 2-minute video does an awesome job explaining how STV works.

Eligible Contributors:

  • Greg, Punia and Dylan as Set Labs Community Managers will vote and count as Gold

  • DarkForest, Verto and Thomas Hepner will vote and will count as Silver

  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Owls are all eligible to participate. Silver Owls will get 2x vote weighting and Gold Owls will get a 4x vote weighting

This provides the following relative vote by voting group:

Owl Level # of Owls Weighting multiplier Relative vote
Gold 28 4x 46%
Silver 37 2x 30%
Bronze 60 1x 24%

Nomination Process:

  • Community Contributors: If you are interested in being part of the Index Council, please reply to this post to nominate yourself for consideration. When nominating yourself, feel free to share some information on why you are interested and/or would be good for the role. Whilst you are welcome to recommend/nominate others for the position, to avoid confusion we require clear written confirmation on this thread from the nominated individual that they would like to be part of the Index Council.


  • Nomination Period: The nomination period will last from: NOW until 9:00 AM UTC 24 of November.

  • Voting Period: The voting period will last from: 8:00 PM UTC 24 November to 30 of November 23:00 PM.**

Please share any comments/questions/objections/concerns you have below!

Alongside that, please nominate yourself or other individuals you would like to see as a Wise Owl.


I would like to nominate the following Owls as candidates for Wise Owls to form the Index Council. As there have time and time again create value & impact to the Coop and shown strong leadership. Also these Owls that I’m nominating for me personally have shown that they live up to the Code of Conduct & Guiding Principle, and also shared a lot of insights and wisdom throughout my journey the Coop. The following are my nominations are (in no particular order);


also notable high value and high impact Owls that I believe would add value (should they be elected) as part of the Index Council;


Also the last list of nominations are those whom has brought growth in terms of of products, which should not be left out given they are the blood that runs the Coop. Also i feel there needs to be a balance for Index Council (which is culture building and business building) ;


These 19 names above come to mind when I was reading through the post. And these got me thinking, I do hope among these names at least 80% would accept the nomination. But alas thats the beauty of the DAO.

Have a blessed weekend all~
p.s. apologies that i may left out few names.


Just posting this^ here as a visual aid for anyone else nominating along “Nest” lines… (Not strictly required as I understand but is my own preference)

Also noting that whilst there are many valid names to put forward I believe WO’s should be “full time” in the sense that IC is their effective “day job” in order to meet the demands of the role. (Again, just stating my own personal preference)




@ BigSky7
@ LemonadeAlpha / @ MrMadila :raising_hand_man:

@ mel.eth
@ Lavi

There are many, many more worthy names I could include but this is my best attempt to shortlist. It is also my preference to have 2 from technical and 2 from growth due to their relative size/impact within the org structure.

*Edit. In the (likely to me) event 3 are chosen from Technical, my preference remains 2 from growth, leaving Gov with 0. Biased? Yes. Unfair? Maybe. Just my honest feelings though! (Sorry Mel & Lavi! :cry: :heart:)


Nominating @LemonadeAlpha


Great to see so many nominations coming in, would just like to highlight that if someone has already been nominated, there is no need to nominate them again, but feel free to show support by leaving a :heart:.

Also, for any nominated candidates, don’t forget to confirm or decline whether you would like to be a part of the Index Council.


I can see this space picking up quickly and so want to check in here ahead of the weekend - apologies as I tend to view curation as an important part of communicating effectively and this will be a bit more stream of consciousness. I’ll check this space to address direct questions if they arise; don’t hold back this is your chance to get to know what having me on a WO council would look like; take the opportunity, ask the questions you want answered - you are responsible.

I’ve let my GovOps co-leads know that I’m seeking to be a representative and asked them to cover for me in the polling process of this election, they have graciously agreed, thanks @Lavi and @sixtykeys for this, and your dedication to improving a core function of our DAO.

I accept the nomination as put forth by @pujimak_in and @MrMadila - I believe they would also make fine representatives of the contributor body at large as well - I would trust either of you to represent my interests and those of the Coop in my absence, if you’re interested please consider this your nomination, as I see it you ARE the exemplification of Index 2.0. Other Owls I see being well-suited to this role are @catjam, @DevOnDeFi, @Metfanmike, and @Cavalier_Eth. I get around, and these Owls have been rock-solid their application of Coop Principles while remaining incredibly effective at advancing the organization; I would support your efforts to bring a voice to the concerns of the DAO internally and externally.

In terms of relevant experience, I find my blue-collar sensibilities have served me best in this space. I started, built, and sold a pressure-washing company for profit. I have spent about 20 years in and around the construction industry and, well, you can’t fudge physics. I see our level of responsibility for safety here similarly. People are storing the fruit of their labor in our products; that’s sacred. They are trying to figure out how the world we are building should communicate with their own; we’re trying to figure out how to continuously win a coordination game with stakes at a scale we can’t yet comprehend. My career took me all over the US and abroad, I used to joke that I spent more time in the air than on the ground. I spent some time working at the Pentagon post 9/11 in the rebuilding and hardening efforts; and I have worked as as in internal investigator to several large interagency organizations including Inspectors General of the Port Authority of NY & NJ, The United Nations, and the World Trade Center Hub, Museum, and Memorial; in this role I helped design better systems to prevent fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement; I’ve been having a months-long conversation with our DAO in a way that seems appropriate around these topics, and I’ll be looking for some help in keeping that conversation going. I’ve been a people manager throughout that 20 year span and I’ve always held that responsibility sacred.

@Pepperoni_Joe given the lack of definition here on the day-to-day, I’m going do a bit of scoping as I see it; this would be my approach if elected:

  • Establish a more principle-based approach to guiding decision-making and action; I think these principles are great; I also think we need a constitution and are a bit lost without it. Having a set of IIPs that attempt to carve out a series of organizational rules and practices without a foundational document to set expectations of those executing is an opportunity for improvement. Of late, I’ve been framing this in terms of empowering contributors to identify good and bad behavior without having to spin-up an entire personal philosophy and appeal to fairness every time - let’s take a bit of time to lay out how we as an organization should act so that any would-be Owl knows what they’re swooping into; a DAO that executes according to principles, not whim.
  • I envision this position being about half-time (if more or less is expected PLEASE communicate this) and don’t see a conflict with sCoop duties given that @kindeagle has been been essential in allowing me to focus more on GovOps and I feel I can leave daily operation of the newsletter in his capable hands and assume a more editorial role long-term; the newsletter and what I’ve endeavored to do here by creating it are a point of pride and responsibility for me - this was the first regular reward that I had established, and having found Owl-market fit by keeping this DAO informed has really helped shaped how I see this organization; conversations can be had at scale and y’all taught me that.
  • I would likely seek to retain my co-lead role within GovOps if time allows; I think what we’re doing is somewhat under the radar in terms of perceived value, but we’re trying to build a rock-solid decision-making foundation for the DAO that is beyond reproach and I’d like to continue to put some energy into that.
  • I think that leadership within a DAO is essentially a continuous conversation; one that I’d like to have if you’ll let me. We sharpen each other or dull each other depending on the level of transparency we have with each other. I’ll endeavor to consistently keep my finger on the pulse of this DAO and let y’all know if I see friction or fire. The Owls I’ve nominated above have never let me down, have always acted with empathy, and have always driven at fast but comfortable speed when building consensus. I try incredibly hard to be useful around here; I truly see the value in our Cooperative and I genuinely believe we can only truly win together.
  • We are asking 125+ Owls to have an Ownership mentality but also work within the constraints of a democratic organization; the gravity of that ask is immense in that internal conflict comes with the job. There are many ways this organizational experiment can go wrong; industry and politics have always had a suboptimal relationship and we’re bolting more than just that together here. I think we’re often being asked to tread carefully, run flat out, create lasting value, and high-five everyone we see along the way. I’ll continually endeavor to build understanding around the perspectives that vary and are directly opposed to mine.
  • We’re developing relationships within the industry, and with each other, and we need to leverage both our knowledge-base and position within the DeFi ecosystem. We. Touch. EVERYTHING. What is coming into focus is that Index Coop is going to absorb a ton of tokens and by extension meta-governance power. The very organizational conversation I’m talking about having internally needs to be happening externally as well - I’ll be seeking to do a few things in this regard:
    • Establish a robust comms pod or equivalent. This isn’t a novel idea but implementation will be important; I have several conversation along these lines daily, I’m essentially supporting some efforts here to date and attempting to bring some form to match function. I see this as a curation of existing channels, identifying where new ones are needed, and leveraging efficiencies between existing channels. This DAO is a Marketing DAO among other things, and we cannot allow the communication style of a decentralized organization to bleed into the messaging around our products. We do a good job with this to date I believe, but it should improve.
    • I’d be very supportive of a (subsidized, Coop-wide) physical meetup of Owls with an eye toward fostering stronger relationships and tackling issues that may require some greater leaps of trust and faith than might be tenable over the ether; I owe a lot of you some very real handshakes and I’d like to make those happen.
    • I believe we should plan and host at least one event a year (virtually or irl), with an open invitation to the contributors of any protocol that lives in our products - again this goes to big organizational conversations.
  • I plan to spend a couple hours a day in this governance forum. Always have, always will. What is becoming clear is that there is not enough relevant feedback in the governance process ahead of a vote in most instances of dissonance, and again, that’s a communication breakdown. I plan to set eyes on most if not all of the ideas that rise to this forum, tag appropriate inputs and develop best-practices around this to ensure that we’re putting the absolute best ideas forward to INDEX holders. For every two terrible ideas I see in the forum, one of those is generally a tweak away from informing better strategy and I’m going to show up for those conversations. Some of my history of trying to solve problems, increase fidelity, and build context within this forum:

I’ve had a lot to say, and while you may not agree with all of it, I’m going to do these things regardless of title and endeavor to be a good communicator about the decisions I make. I’d view election to this council a signal that the community finds the types of conversations I’m engaging in useful and hold it as a sacred responsibility to express the will of this DAO with some backing rather than a platform for my particular view - if I get elected here it’s your responsibility as a DAO to hold me to that.

On a super personal note; this is all so very wild. I’ve been stood up by the OGs here, and I’d like to help more super-capable Owls stand, walk, run, and fly with us. If you’ve read this far thank you! I am just so passionate about the people and what we’re building here it’s hard to tamp down the excitement enough to put into words. You all have changed my life, truly. I’m not young by web3.0 standards, and life in the corporate, consulting, and regulatory world had all but burned all hope of anything like a Randian vision of human interaction out of me . . . seeing what was started here was the spark, and so I’ll leave you with this quote by one of the top-5 most badass thinkers and humans I’ve read and a bit of sci-fi that that ports well to this space. Please reflect on these two quotes when this DAO makes you frown in frustration and Owlie the 3D god of empathetic coordination places a thumb feather to your forehead and anoints you responsible for tackling the associated challenge you have discovered, when you successfully do you’ll be born again Owl every time, and I’d like to help you do that responsibly here at this DAO I call home on the blockchain; regardless of election result. :owl: - Hoot!

“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists… it is real… it is possible… it’s yours.” - Ayn Rand

“Every previous revolutionary movement in human history has made the same basic mistake. They’ve all seen power as a static apparatus, as a structure. And it’s not. It’s a dynamic, a flow system with two possible tendencies. Power either accumulates, or it diffuses through the system. In most societies, it’s in accumulative mode, and most revolutionary movements are only really interested in reconstituting the accumulation in a new location. A genuine revolution has to reverse the flow. And no one ever does that, because they’re all too fu*king scared of losing their conning tower moment in the historical process. If you tear down one agglutinative power dynamic and put another one in its place, you’ve changed nothing. You’re not going to solve any of that society’s problems, they’ll just reemerge at a new angle. You’ve got to set up the nanotech that will deal with the problems on its own. You’ve got to build the structures that allow for diffusion of power, not re-grouping. Accountability, demodynamic access, systems of constituted rights, education in the use of political infrastructure” - Richard K. Morgan


I have very strong conviction that the foundation of a leadership team at Index Coop should consist of all of the following:



Please remove @Kiba and myself from the nominations.

Always happy to give feedback and provide guidance, but @Kiba and I have a product to grow and cannot dedicate scarce time to this role.

Here is who I think the council should consist of from each leadership function (in no particular order).

Governance/Leadership: @Pepperoni_Joe
BD: @BigSky7
Finance: @Matthew_Graham
IB & Economic Alignment: @Metfanmike or @fallow8
Product & Engineering: @Cavalier_Eth
Growth: @DocHabanero (who I’ve collaborated most from Growth team)
Analytics & Liquidity: @jdcook

These are the people within IC who I have seen demonstrate the most leadership through their collaboration, bias for action, and results.


Thanks for the transparency @mel.eth. I’d love to hear from other nominees how they would approach their role on the Council if elected.


Nominations looking good so far. Who are some women that have been part of the Coop for a while and would make a good addition?


Just want to add @anthonyb.eth as a worthy nomination. He has demonstrated a very deep grasp of the business in a relatively very short space of time and could well bring that “fresh eyes” vibe to a team that may likely be IC boomers. :joy:


Nominating the follow wise owls based on my interpretation of their decision making skills based on reading their forum posts/interacting with them directly/attending (or listening to recordings of) their comments and inputs on regular calls:



Thank you for the nomination but please remove me from the ballot @Pepperoni_Joe. I have no intention of running for Wise Owls and would prefer to focus on the Pod.

These are not nominations, but I will make my preferences known.

Index Coop is a product and engineering organization, and to grow into the world-beating team that I know we can be, we need to be product and engineering lead. For this reason, I strongly urge people to vote for @Cavalier_Eth & @edwardk. Both are experts in their fields who have revolutionized their respective working groups in the time I have spent working with them. They are conscientious and driven leaders, who put their teams first, take on any challenge and have a deep understanding of the environment we find ourselves in and the challenges (and opportunities) ahead of us. It would be criminal if these two key WG Leads were not represented in this group, and would hobble effective decision-making and limit the potential of the Coop. It is in the interests of all Owls, to give their first preference to these two candidates.

Additionally, @Pepperoni_Joe, @fallow8 & @jdcook have all proven to be tireless and committed leaders, who consistently act with integrity and place the interests of Index Coop above their own. I have complete trust in these leaders today. They are already our Wisest Owls.

Unfortunately our leadership at Index Coop has been embarrassingly male-driven. I am extremely happy to see the Women In Index group mature into the Women & Non-Binary Working Group today, and have extremely high hopes for how this evolution can help us to grow both as a community and as a business. @catjam is also already one of our Wisest Owls. She brings a depth of knowledge across multiple disciplines, and has also consistently shown leadership and commitment to the Coop. In particular, I admire the shared leadership structure that the WICWG has created, and think that bias towards collaboration and power-sharing is exactly what this elected body (and IC in general) needs.

I would like to make special mention of the incredible leadership that @overanalyser has shown in his time with Index Coop. Bootstrapping a product team in a such a systemically broken environment is a challenge that only one person stood up to take on. I do not believe he gets enough credit for that. Without OA, we would not have the burgeoning powerhouse that we have today. We would not have a product organization at all.

Moreso in the many hours that I have spent with OA on calls with the Pod, he has always been a source of patience, guidance and wisdom. He has the utmost respect of me and my team. For sure, he is the wisest owl of all.


Product & Engineering

Everyone else:

Wisest Owl:

I think the omission of @nic from the voting pool of Set employees is a mistake and he should be granted the opportunity to have an input on the community he clearly is so committed to serving.


I would hope to add @snasps and @Jo_K as at least Silver Owls for this purpose


This is a phenomenal group of nominees that I would be excited to support. I really appreciate being included on this list.

While I’m honored to be nominated, I’d like to respectfully decline the nomination for this quarter. I believe spending at least two more quarters contributing to the Coop would give me an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of Coop-wide operations that would be required to serve this community.

Again, I really appreciate being included here and hope to be considered in future Index Council nominations.


I would like to nominate @catjam.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with her as a co-lead of WICWG and I believe she has the knowledge, passion, and context to do a wonderful job serving this community. Meg has contributed and been involved with multiple Working Groups in her time with the Coop, which I believe makes her well positioned for the cross-functional decisions/activity Wise Owls will be responsible for.


I’d like to humbly accept my own nomination to this council :innocent:.

While I’ve been mostly focused on leveling up the Engineering Working Group, what really motivates me is helping Index Coop achieve its mission. I see incredible potential for Index Coop to give millions of people diversified exposure to crypto. And it absolutely thrills me that we get to show the world a brand new way of working together.

Experience isn’t everything, but when it comes to making tough decisions at a startup, I think it helps! Over the past 10 years I’ve been VP Engineering, CTO, and Chief Revenue Officer at startups ranging from pre-revenue to ~5x Index Coop’s annual revenue. It’s been mostly a firehose of fun, but there have been multiple times when I thought we wouldn’t survive unless we made the kinds of drastic changes that no one wants to make. I’ve learned it takes courage and humility to navigate those tense moments and get to the other side.

I’d also like to nominate these people whose opinions I’ve come to respect even if I don’t always agree:



Have snuck through my wedding week crypto embargo to accept my nomination, and note that all of the people I planned to nominate are already nominated.

Thankyou to everyone who placed their confidence behind my, its truly a privilege to serve the Index Coop community :handshake:


Thanks a lot @pujimak_in and @MrMadila for the nomination, I’m honored but I would like to thankfully decline the nomination. I have no intention to be part of the Index Council, as I’d rather focus on meta-governance and governance WG / Nest.

Regarding the question raised by @MrMadila (about having contributors from Governance represented in the council), I think that with @mel.eth we have a very capable nominee in the race, plus I’d add that @Pepperoni_Joe has helped building much of the basis for what GOWG is today. I would count him as part of “team governance”, together with @ncitron who has done most of the technical work.

While I agree with @afromac, that the Coop is a product and engineering driven organization and giving these areas more weight is a fair decision, I would appreciate to see some of the names listed above being represented in the council.


I would like to nominate

@Bigsky for the vision and passion for Index Coop
@Pepperoni_Joe for passion and openess. People first apprach in an organized and productive manner
@LemonadeAlpha did not get the opportunity to connect and work, but have seen the contribution growth team has provided
@Matthew_Graham Ensuring the Finace Nest grows beyond just number and live the vaules of people sentiments and productivity
@Catjam - She provides clarity and demonstares leadership with empathy and respect.

All the best to all the nominees.