November 2021 rebalance DeFi Pulse Index

Hello everyone,

We just published the blog post with the new index weights for the November rebalance:
November 2021 Rebalance DeFi Pulse Index - DeFi Pulse Blog


Any plans to have CRV in the future?

Hey @sriram, tokens that significantly disadvantage passive holders are not eligible for the DeFi Pulse Index.

Holders that vote lock CRV to receive veCRV gain voting power, share trading fees, and receive boosts on provided liquidity.

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Hi Chris, I only came across this post now and having to ask this question.

Why can’t Index hold veCRV? Is this because of the lock up period?

Hi Jae, veCRV is not a transferable token, see Curve docs.
Therefore, given that DPI is based on Tokensets basic functionality necessary for an index token, like minting and redeeming, would not be possible.