Organization Development Assessment

Hi, everyone. I am new to Index Coop (well, I’ve been lurking for a few weeks to learn about Index Coop goals and how you work). I’m a graduate student at American University working on a Masters in Organization Development. @Darkforestcapital has agreed to serve as my sponsor and primary point of contact as I start a practicum or capstone project with this DAO.

I’m really looking forward to working with you!

My current challenge statement:
The Index Coop is poised for rapid growth globally while also striving to maintain a culture of quality, fairness, inclusivity, and respect. The Index Coop seeks to assess the current state “leadership” structure, decision-making protocols, and culture to inform how people and work can be organized for future success.

Note: I expect this statement will be refined as we (not I) uncover bright spots and pain points within Index Coop. I already see heated topics that could be a focus here, for example, autonomy and compensation.

This action research project includes four phases: data gathering and synthesis, feedback, intervention, and evaluation of the agreed-upon intervention. Kicking off today, July 28, it will run approximately seven weeks —through the first week of September. I’ll start joining the Organization weekly meetings and scheduling interviews with some of you in the coming days.

The project is grounded in co-creation, i.e. I intend to be humble and inclusive while helping the Index Coop as a process consultant to uncover the community’s insights and recommendations. I will also document and share a final report.

I want to be transparent with the community. I’ll make discussion guides, feedback, insights, and observations, and recommendations available based on @DFC approval. I don’t pretend to be any kind of DeFi expert but instead, focus on human systems and socio-technical-business relationships.

Please reach out with any questions or interests.


Excellent and welcome! Looking forward to hearing more from you

Welcome to Index Cooperative, @MaryQ!

This works sounds extremely valuable and happy to see you’ll be digging into it.


This is great @MaryQ, glad to have you here. Pinging @Pepperoni_Joe for visibility. This is something we are focused on within the POC. Feel free to reach out to me on discord (same handle).


This is great and I look forward to both your involvement/feedback and results. If there’s anything I can provide just lmk!


Welcome @MaryQ! It was good to see you on the IC Org work session earlier today. Your insight to IC will be valuable. You are spot on with your initial assessments of… heated topics that could be a focus here, for example, autonomy and compensation. Glad to have you onboard for the next seven or so weeks. lmk if you need anything.


wow – this sounds like such a cool project! Best of luck and lmk if I can be helpful at all during your research (same name on discord!)


Super excited to see where this goes Mary.

I welcome you to put as much time as is useful to ensure you can get the insights you need.

It might be worth you starting to join our POC WG call (Tuesday) as many of the topics mentioned above are explored at this weekly session.


Super in support of this. So glad we are getting academic support. I believe what we are doing is so unique and innovative from an organizational point of view and documenting it is so important to bring this DAO model legitimacy. I would love to inspire students and aspiring entrepreneurs to consider this DAO model when they build the organizations of tomorrow. Feel free to reach out as well. I did strategic management and innovation as majors so super keen to find out more about how you are approaching this.

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When is the meeting on Tuesday? Could you send info, please. I’ll also reach out to you on discord to set up a meet and greet today or this weekend. (What is your user name? Pepperoni_Joe?) Assume you are working from GMT time zone?

Hello again,
As the Index Coop continues to grow, there are many things we can learn and improve to envision a future-forward approach to contributing, organizing, and rewarding how work gets done at the Index Coop.

Over the next week (August 8-15), I’ll conduct a series of interviews with key contributors to delve deeper into the Index Coop’s core purpose, ways of organizing work and people, decision-making protocols, and how you might reinforce an inclusive, fair, and respectful culture.

If you are tagged below, please sign up for a 60-minute, 1-1 interview next week here:

The purpose of the interview is to listen and learn from you, and I can also explain more about my work.

I will offer the broader Coop community a simple survey exploring the same topics as a quick follow-up. The data collected, including insights, bright spots, and watchouts, will be shared so the community can determine what should be addressed. I’ll help you with this process.

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