Post Governance Call Notes - 002

Post Governance Call Notes - 002

Thank you to everyone who came and participated in our second governance call, it was great hearing some new voices.

Links to the governance call video and deck are below:

This second governance call was mostly focused on the next product upgrades to the DPI Set.

  1. How should we increase productivity of DPIs underlying assets?

  2. How do we think about platform upgrades and product upgrades for DPI?

  3. Where do product sustainabilty goals (e.g. minting/redeeming fee revenue) fit in?

Some TODO items from the call:

  • Set up a dedicated call to discuss product/org improvements (i.e. dedicated to answering just the questions above)

Please feel free to continue any lingering discussions here or on discord.
Also please share links to any materials we may have discussed in the call.