Recruiting | Index Coop Governance Reps


Ensuring that Index Coop can operate an effective governance system is integral to achieve our core KPIs.

The governance structure Index Coop depends on include:

  • Managing the IIP process and conducting Snapshot Editorial duties
  • Coordinating Index Coop elections using choice vote for key strategic positions (i.e. Funding Council, Autonomy group)
  • Maintain Gitbook as an up to date resource which lists current IIPs and clearly displays key information including WG structures and product updates

Presently these activities are being undertaken by Index Coop contributors who already have other significant time commitments in other areas (Greg, Pepperoni Joe, Punia).

Therefore this proposal is to formalize these activities into a “Governance Rep” role.

What are the core problems this solves?

As briefly outlined in the summary;

  • For Index Coop to grow it is essential that we operate with a streamlined governance process
  • Ensuring high quality standards is essential given the high impact and public nature of many aspect of the governance process
  • Currently these activities are being managed by high-leverage members of the team. This impacts their ability to support in other more strategic areas.
  • Thus there is a need for several individuals to “own” this process going forward.


  • Assigning IIP numbers and coordinating with authors to ensure posts are consistent with predefined IIP templates
  • Providing challenge and clarification questions to help refine and increase clarify around IIPs within the forum.
  • Publishing IIPs to snapshot and updating with quorum amounts
  • Raising awareness of IIPs which are live through Discord, Twitter and on the forum.
  • Setting up, managing and publishing the results of Index Coop elections using choice vote
  • Ensuring Gitbook contains up to references to current and past IIPs
  • Ensuring information in Gitbook is up to date regarding Working Group structures
  • Continue to iterate on the Gitbook layout and content to ensure it is clear and easy to navigate


  • Must have:
    • At least 2 months experience as a paid contributor within the Index Coop
    • Excellent attention to details and written communication skills
    • Some understanding of our current IIP process
    • A high degree of trust from the Community and key Index Coop leaders
  • Beneficial:
    • Prior experience using Snapshot and/or running governance processes within a DAO

Time commitment

  • This role is part time and the volume of work will vary from week to week.
  • We expect a weekly time commitment of 6-12 hours per week (3-6 IIPs)


Due to the variable nature of the role, compensation will be awarded as follows:

  • Fixed stipend of $1,200 per month.

Plus an additional compensation based on the volume of work

  • $145 per IIP (including DG1 / DG2) published
  • $265 per election managed via choice vote

This will be paid in Index tokens per month. This will be in addition to any other contribution rewards at Index Coop.

This will be open for negotiation after a 1-month probation period where the time commitment and candidates performance will be validated.

After this probationary period, this role will be renewed on a quarterly basis. Further compensation negotiations will be welcomed during renewal periods.

Success criteria

Candidates performance will be evaluated based on:

  • Consistent high quality standards in IIP publication. After an initial trial period candidates will be monitored on the number of IIPs they publish and how they follow the clearly defined process. If steps are missed or omitted this will reflect poorly on the candidate’s performance.
  • Representatives are expected to provide appropriate and well informed challenge on proposals seeking to pass through IIP.
  • Spot checks of Gitbook to ensure information contained within is up to date and accurate
  • Consistent high quality standards in election management is vital. Elections which have to be re-run due to administrative error will be considered as part of the success criteria.
  • Ability to identify and make improvements on our overall IIP and governance process.

Regular feedback on performance against this criteria will be provided.

Next steps

Successful candidates will be invited to do a “work trial” where they will run through the process with a real IIP and be given opportunities to provide feedback on how to improve the process.

Candidates who successfully publish an IIP during this “work trial” will receive a reward of $145, even if they are not selected for the Governance Rep role.

If you are interested in applying for this role, please complete the following form.