Snapshot delegation Etherean socks airdrop 🧦

:socks: Summary

DeFi Socks gave Index Coop a pair of their 2021 edition ‘The Etherean’ socks to give to a Coop member.

We chose to surprise-airdrop the socks to a Snapshot delegate/delegator address from the newly launched meta-governance Snapshot vote delegation initiative. Following the airdrop, publicity was planned to boost awareness of Snapshot delegation, the power of meta-governance, and the Index Coop in general.


The Etherean socks were a surprise gift to the Index Coop from DeFi Socks on the condition that we give them to a member of the Index Coop.

The timing of the gift matched with recent Coop work on Snapshot vote delegation. Meta-governance is an important aspect of holding INDEX but the number and the frequency of Snapshot votes means for some holders voting is not always possible and that informed voting can be time demanding. Vote delegation is a solution to these problems that allows INDEX holders to delegate their Snapshot voting power to a declared delegate ( Snapshot Delegation - User Guide ).

To boost awareness of Snapshot delegation, the power of meta-governance, and the Index Coop in general it was decided that the socks should be airdropped to an address taking part in Snapshot vote delegation. The airdrop would be to an address involved in Snapshot delegation prior to the Coop becoming aware of the socks gift so as to avoid gaming of the airdrop.

Airdrop details

The first message related to the gift of the socks to the Coop came June 14, 11:52am MSK (08:52 UTC).

Delegates and delegators prior to the block preceding 08:52 UTC would be eligible for the socks airdrop - block 12631604. This choice was taken to avoid the socks causing any interference with snapshot vote delegation.

Using The Graph, a list of the Index Coop delegates and delegators was made:

Snapshot subgraph:

The query, thanks @ncitron for the bug-check:

   delegations(block: {number:12631604}, where: {space: "index-coop.eth"}) {

As the INDEX Coop member responsible for organising the Coop’s activities related to this airdrop who is also a delegate, I removed myself from the list.

The addresses on the list were given an index number and a random number generator used to select the index number. The socks were then airdropped to the corresponding address.

Video of selection.

Winning address, congratulations! :tada: - 0xf6401adc23faa6b9ad83ea8604ca7254cb7f53e7


Thank you to DeFi Socks for gifting these socks, they’re beautiful and I wish I had a pair.

Thank you to @DarkForestCapital, @cedrick, and @Pepperoni_Joe for being ever-helpful sounding boards.

Thank you for reading! If Snapshot vote delegation sounds like something for you, here’s the quick process.

Update: added ‘to give’ at the end of the first line.