The sCoop - 2021.07.29 Thursday

Trying something today - this is a draft , but if feedback is positive I’ll keep doing it in a more appropriate forum (substack? open to suggestions) . . . daily content for contributors, M-T-W-Th, everything you might have missed . . . owls may sleep during the day, but this DAO never does. If you’re N/S America based I’d like to have these out every evening - you can read this with your morning coffee if you’re elsewhere.

The sCoop (<---- Meh about this title - please suggest a new one)

This Thursday was quite busy at The Coop - with two WG meetings (Creative & Design, Growth), a one-off meeting about liquidity management, and another great Conversation with the Coop . . . total meetings time: 5 hours (4 hours planned: 1 of ‘overage’) . . . let’s dig in:

Creative & Design Working Group (12 attendees)
slides / minutes (<— coming: working on a decent format and not doxing anyone given that google uses real names)
Creative meets bi-weekly for 45 minutes, so there’s a lot covered; @DevOnDeFi could run a masterclass on how to effectively chair a meeting and I would pay real money to attend. The proposal to update the website has received 100% support in the forum and they are excited to make it all a reality (there’s a good tracker in the slide deck).

BED launch was great for social media engagement, and now that CDWG has access to The Coop’s twitter account a lot of focus is on how to best keep the pipeline of content flowing (feel free to drop into the #design channel if you have ideas). @Static121 has been working on media banner templates and @caf has mocked up templates for consistent branding across reporting (financial and/or otherwise - again worth looking at the slide deck if you’re interested).

There has been great progress on the ‘3D Cooper’ project:

If you too are feeling creative I believe there will be a need to name this mascot soon; @mestigoit suggested Starship Cooper . . . personally I can’t wait to see this owl all over the metaverse . . .

Current challenges are coordination and communication, and there’s a good amount of discussion happening about how to best interface with other WGs and initiatives. The general idea is that having a designer assigned upstream may improve efficiency and help design inform the process rather than just bolting on cool stuff toward the end.

And not sure who to thank, but the new discord button for The Coop looks great!

Conversations with the Coop
@Crypto_Texan hosted Farmwell from Thales today (“Think censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer binary options trading on Ethereum.” -CT). I was unable to attend this as it conflicted with CDWG, however audio will be available here and here shortly.

Liquidity Management Community Call (16 attendees)
Any points that @overanalyser gets docked for letting a one-hour meeting hit the 1:43 mark were quickly earned right back by getting a forum post up within an hour of that meeting ending. A LOT was discussed and the tone was quite muted compared to most liquidity debates. I won’t steal too much of OA’s thunder given that the post summarizes this well, but the key takeaway - the plan is to reduce LM rewards by 60% in August and a FURTHER 50% in September. This doesn’t take into account any liquidity needs of future launches.

Growth Working Group (20 attendees)
The TB;DA (too busy; didn’t attend?) is that growth on DPI has been steady, while growth on MVI has been tremendous - with the majority now being unincentivized. Key takeaways:

  • Educate people at institutions and they will drive institutional adoption
  • The Website Tech vertical is leveraging contenful to continue on the mission of creating the best marketing stack in DeFi
  • @MrMadila discussed the challenges around attribution given that legacy tracking isn’t available like it is on fb or google
  • @LemonadeAlpha expressed GWG’s commitment to supporting the efforts of the Institutional Business Working Group (IBWG - still getting used to that rolling off of the tongue)

All in all, very productive day. Tomorrow (DeFriday!) has no meetings with DeFriday with IndexCoop now on twitter spaces at 1pm EDT (take note as this is a switch from the 5pm time on clubhouse)! I’ve joined a few of these, and let me tell you, there’s no better way to get super bullish ahead of the weekend.

On Monday we have the Weekly Stand-up and Product meetings . . . and don’t forget to get your rewards sheet in before the deadline: August 2nd (Monday). Stragglers will have their INDEX rewards teleported to the following month’s distribution free of charge.

- @mel.eth

Please leave feedback: is this useful, do you want it in your inbox daily, what would you add or do differently?


Too kind @mel.eth ! Thank you

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Loving this concept of “The Daily Owl”. Would definitely subscribe to this for sure!!!

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Hey Mel, this a really good idea, but I feel like a weekly format would be much easier. A round up, of everything happening in the different WGs, and a summary of their weekly calls.

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Thanks for the feedback @sixtykeys !

When you say ‘easier’, I’d be taking notes and drafting the WG blurbs same-day anyway, my thinking is that waiting to compile them weekly would just allow the information to get stale. If you mean easier in that daily is too much verbosity, I can understand that, but it would be an opt-in newsletter.

Thinking through this I’d add a section for active gov, metagov, and sentiment polls, all of which run for less than a week, generally.

I think that the View from the Nest (externally facing) and weekly stand-up (internally facing) do a good job as a weekly round-up. The idea here would be a daily brief (internally facing) to provide better real-time macro situational awareness, spark cross WG understanding and engagement, and make calls-to-action more visible. Ultimately, strategy and synergy within a democratic organization require not only shared goals and principles, but a well-informed base, and I think we’re at a scaling point where the frequency of curated information should be daily.

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Personally I would read this everyday. I just hope that it doesn’t get too taxing on you, having to spin one of these up everyday. I would be OK with even a twice-a-week Monday/Thursday sCoop.

Monday - Here’s what happened over the weekend and what to look out for this week.

Thursday - Here’ what happened during the week and what to look out for this weekend.

Just some thoughts. I love it either way.


What I really meant about ‘easier’ is that it might be too tiresome to attend and summarize every single meeting that takes place in a week. Perhaps you could set up a small team to divvy up the work, if you don’t mind undertaking this yourself.

But I definitely agree that we are at a scaling point where at least internally, there should be a frequent enough information base for cross WG understanding and engagement.

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This is a great idea @mel.eth . Not sure where this landed as I am later to respond. I would sign up, but daily might be a bit much for me to keep up with it. I like @Crypto_Texan’s idea about timing on M and Th. Either way, I am in. I am all for the name sCoop… better than the my ideas of Index Briefs (pic the owl wear briefs underwear) or FLI around the Coop 2x minutes.

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The Genesis sCoop NFT!