The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.09.30 Thursday

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This Thursday we had the Creative & Design WG and Growth WG meetings. While only able to listen to the first 15-minutes of @Crypto_Texan and @BoredElonMusk on Conversations with the Coop due to some meeting overlap, it was off to a great start and it was with great regret that I had to click ‘exit quietly’. This coming week will have some notable absences with several Owls manning a booth at Token 2049 in London toward the end of the week. Don’t DAO too hard this weekend!


Calls to Action:

Context Corner:

Product Spotlight:

Creative & Design WG (15 attendees) slides notion
CDWG has been working hard, with POCWG and GWG both excited, re using Owl NFTs to help organize and vote, a lot more to come as partnerships are explored. The website stands at approximately 99% complete with @dylan and @0xModene expected to hit the launch button soon. The MVI merch drop is live (through Friday ONLY) with much thanks to @caf and @Static121 for their efforts on making that reality; if free is more your speed, get a POAP for voting on DG1 for PDI! @Static121 pondered out loud as to whether an Index Coop store on the website would gain traction . . . I believe it would ser.

A new vertical is forming within the CDWG for video and motion content, affectionately being referred to as The VOD (Video + POd = VOD) . . . let @Static121 know if you’d like to be in the early conversations. The 3D Cooper is being built into some samples with requests rolling in - all are reminded to use the intake form for all design requests.

Growth WG (18 attendees) notion
Opener: Fave podcast / fave under-the-radar DeFi token? The winners were The Bankless Podcast and the INDEX token; honorable mentions for podcast: Up Only, Hidden Forces, Real Vision, and Daily Gwei; honorable mentions for Token: ILV and GHST . . . hey, it’s all DeFi if we squint hard enough, amiright?

Insights from the current quarter were highlighted, including a noticeable increase in content quality, two product launches, and customers accumulating IC products at pace despite the ‘crab market’. We said a watery-eyed goodbye to @LemonadeAlpha as WGL of the GWG; @MrMadila and @caf will be taking the wheel for the next planned term, which is envisioned at 6-months, along with a name change! . . . Growth & Marketing WG.

Some more Q3 wins highlighted (ported from slides):

Similar to CDWGs Design Intake Form, GMWG noted that not all product updates, announcements, tweet requests and campaigns are going through the Content Intake Form; please use this form to reduce double-handling and response times if you have a need.

@aakansha highlighted how the use of specific hashtags and polling on twitter can drive impressions and engagement, while noting some specifics on an increased LinkedIn presence. And to close us out, there was some debate as to whether the timeframe data on DATA is comparable to that of BED, but early indications are that adoption since launch is in the same ballpark.

Monday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Weekly Planning
1900 - Product WG
OOO: @Pepperoni_Joe Oct 4-8 (DRIs during absence)

Daily DAOwlpha: Don’t forget your superpower!

- @mel.eth


The only thing I’d like to push back on here is the website redesign is probably closer to 80% complete.
EWG will be assisting with getting this over the finish line, but it’s going to be a while longer.


Clarifier. The ‘design’ element of the website project is 99% done; the technical launch and deploy piece has not been done. EWG is being great helping execute that piece, with @emil_eth helping with front end re Webflow pages.