The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.10.14 Thursday

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Only one working group meeting on the day for Growth & Marketing and @Crypto_Texan hosted Max Fiege of Barnbridge in the latest Conversations with the Coop. Otherwise @nic lead a handful of Owls through some exercises to ideate on organizational problem solving; reach out directly to get on the invite to coming sessions.

This week we saw contributors returning from Token 2049 in London and many are repacking to head over to LisCon in Lisbon this coming week, some Owls are entrenched in challenging conversations, some are reinvigorating their working groups or standing up new ones. All of us have a vision for what this DAO can be and are executing on it passionately. All this to say, we’re in a challenging time for DAOs, and for this DAO, and y’all should be super proud of yourselves. Please be sure you’re taking care of yourselves and fueling your fire off-chain as much as on. No working group meetings or newsletter on Fridays so I’ll catch you all at the Weekly Standup on Monday, and as always: don’t DAO too hard this weekend!


Product Spotlight:

Growth & Marketing WG (19 attendees) notion | tweet requests
With some debate as to the motivation for the rebrand from ‘GWG’ to ‘GMWG’, @MrMadila set us all straight by confirming that it was entirely for the meme-ability of ‘gm’. This triggered swift and fierce backlash that the change does not go far enough, and that proposers should have endeavored to add an ‘I’ to the acronym, expressing that because of this WG we’re all ‘GMI’. This is why we ideate openly folks, to avoid contributor backlash when backroom deals lead to inferior naming conventions. We’ll trudge along for now and hope @caf and @MrMadila can get it together for Q1’22. Moving along . . .

@Alks4778 previously proposed splitting Q4 goals into ‘inputs’ and ‘outputs’ and GMWG has taken that approach, having run through early targets and getting feedback. Tracking of user activity is getting more granular; navigation through the website will be tracked, as well as whether people are reading the entirety of long-form content. Further, there will be a focus on redemptions and monitoring why are users selling our products.

The GMWG video content strategy is developing alongside the DWG VOD and will focus primarily on connecting with institutional investors and noobs via high-production educational content on Youtube. @caf highlighted that GMWG is producing and incentivizing assets that can be utilized by other WGs, such a 1-pagers on how to buy our products. GMWG is also looking to provide support for contributors that are looking to sponsor events.

There was some discussion that can be summed up by, “wen mobile app?”; it was noted that the ongoing website redesign will be much more mobile-friendly. Otherwise, it looks like learn-to-earn is still being workshopped with an eye toward increasing visibility at onramps and exchanges. And for the love of crypto and @caf’s sanity, if you need a tweet or campaign to go out from the @indexcoop Twitter account, please use this form.

Monday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Weekly Planning
1900 - Product WG
OOO: @BigSky7 Oct 13-23, @fallow8 Oct 13-14, @MrMadila/@afromac/@Lavi Oct 16-24 (Lisbon)
@oneski22: stepping back from day-to-day

Daily DAOwlpha: “Are you willing to position your organization as a means to an end that’s broader than the bottom line?” - Andy Stanley in a video clip from Future Framework facilitated by @nic

- @mel.eth

P.S. Heartfelt thanks goes out to @Static121 and the DWG crew for making this newsletter A LOT more stylish with the new banner! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Omg, love the banner!!


wen hard copy sCoop newspapers?!


Perhaps printed on paper with a nice Ethereum-blue hue to contrast the FT on your desk? I’ll get one of our finest reporters looking into it!


The sCoop is looking amazing! Love the new banner.

Its amazing how awesome this newsletter has become. I read it everyday and it’s basically the only way to keep up with IC.

The amount of work and passion @mel.eth puts into this newsletter is incredible. Im super inspired by the hard work that goes into this everyday.

Huge thanks :pray:



Thanks @BigSky7 - knowing that you’re finding this useful is my rocket fuel!

That said, I’ve spoken to @Pepperoni_Joe briefly as I feel this resource would benefit from being opened up to the community more:

  • How is it being used and how can it be made more useful?
  • How can we open up contribution to the newsletter so that more Owls are engaged in the process of cross WG context-building and collaboration?
  • How can the resource and context be leveraged to provide more utility and engagement? (An end-of-week sort of ‘around the coop’ wrap up/AMA/open chat was floated by @Pepperoni_Joe and given that there’s no newsletter on Fridays I think that would be an awesome way to wrap the week).

The gist is, in every instance here at The Coop that I’ve felt I’ve had a good idea, it has always been improved beyond my wildest expectations when I’ve shared it with the community. I feel an immense sense of ownership and pride in sCoop, but the desired outcome has always been shining a light on the this amazing contributor community, lowering the barrier to effective holistic contribution, and inspiring a sense of protocol ownership through increased high-level awareness . . . and to do that effectively long-term, I cannot hold this thing in my feathery palm for much longer.

All to say, stay tuned. Thank you all for reading my love letters to this DAO over the last 2-months. Thank you for choosing to fund it (I owe y’all some hard stats around usage that I’m pulling together this week). You’ve all been an inspiration to me; the struggle is trying to capture the fire you all bring on paper and I appreciate that you keep it so challenging! Thank you all so very much for taking me on your journey and being a part of mine.

@BigSky7 I know you’re off this coming week and I really hope you get a chance to unplug and recharge!

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