The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.09.09 Thursday

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Today kicked off with the APAC New Joiner Call followed by a Conversation with the Coop, popped on over to the Creative & Design WG meeting and hung out with Owlie for a bit, Leadership Forum to get the high-level force-multipliers knocking around and a really well-framed conversation inspired by @afromac around governance structure and resilience when it comes to this fledgling organization.

No sCoop on Fridays, but don’t forget there are a couple community calls and a Masterclass tomorrow. If I don’t catch you in the forum or calls before then, remember, don’t DAO too hard this weekend!

Calls to Action:

Context Corner:

Creative & Design WG (12 attendees) slides
I managed to find myself a few minutes late to the CDWG meeting as I had a 1/2-hour 1:1 go well into the 90 minute mark . . . the nuances of exotic liquidity amirite @MrMadila?

CDWG have been operating so smoothly at times that it’s easy to forget all that’s humming under the hood - a website redesign, a lot of external comms, the 3D Cooper project, and much more. One highlight of my day was using the Index Coop Design Request Form directly through notion; something I highly recommend other WGs consider implementing to reduce ad-hoc requests that are often hard to track.

@caf highlighted some reduced Twitter engagement, noting that we’ve been a little heavy on the product side and keeping things a little lighter might be a good way to spur engagement. One thing that struck me was the planned strategy of changing the header on the Twitter page to flag timely initiatives, as one Owl noted, changing with the season so to speak.

Otherwise, I got a near full-dose of cuteness with the latest 3D Cooper slides. There was discussion around the more standard and customizable forms Owlie might take on, noting that more robust use cases will have to go through the design request process. I’m not sure how many times I can give peeks behind the kimono before CDWG doesn’t allow me into their meetings anymore, but, I. AM. OBSESSED. * @Crypto_Texan get in here and check this middle one out! *

Leadership Forum (31 attendees)
Just some quick updates here as we run through a lot of what’s covered in the individual WG meetings:

  • Product WG Meetings will be one-hour earlier so @overanalyser can gather firewood for hot shower water during daylight hours;
  • Common ground on the Finance of the Future discussion was a broad desire to combine TWG and FC, deprecating the FC wallet and using Operations Account, and empowering leaders to set strategy;
  • @MaryQ highlighted that there’s a distinction between importance and urgency relating to the things that need to get done, work life balance is at issue echoed by @MrMadila, and commitments by WGs should be made more visible;
  • Some discussion around how to formalize the WG formation process in light of the FC likely dissolving in the near/medium term, forum post incoming on this and adding @Pepperoni_Joe as a multisig signer;
  • PWG is hard at work on the product onboarding process and expects to get the current thinking into the forum soon; and
  • @fallow8 reminds you to vote as Wintermute would unlock a lot of possibilities - offering to discuss with anyone having concerns.

Governance Update (snapshot) by @sixtykeys

Friday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1400 - APAC | IIP-80 and IIP-81 Community Call
1550 - IIP-80 & IIP-81 Community Call
1800 - Going (Relatively) Viral: A Masterclass

Monday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Weekly Planning
1900 - Product WG

Daily DAOwlpha: “There are three kinds of power. Power than can crush us and we can and must resist it. That’s oppression. Power can assist us and we must guide it. That’s advocacy. But then we can also be power ourselves. This means organizing and building institutions together for what we need.”

- @mel.eth