The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.08.04 Wednesday

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Two meetings today, Business Development WG and Org. Engineering was canceled. Let’s dive in:

BDWG (18 attendees)
In the first BD meeting sans the IB vertical the focus was on: takeaways from ETH CC ( @BigSky7 - we need to bring in top-tier methodologists, LPs are sick of yield farming and prefer high-quality pairs - see slide no. 9) , partnerships ($2MM DPI on Rari, products listed on Quickswap), and treasury diversification (I wouldn’t be surprised if this leads to some big news coming out of BD down the road). Perhaps the most interesting conversations were around the intro topic: What is one change that unlocks the next phase of growth for IC? Answers ranged:

  • Bring on a smart contract engineer;
  • create a repository of contributor skillsets;
  • incentive realignment;
  • identifying trends; publishing decisions; cross channel marketing; fostering/strengthening relationships; better enabling contributors; and more.

I believe this question was posed by @oneski22, and I would gladly have stayed on this topic for the full hour, so I would love to get your perspective in the comments!

Organization (26 attendees)
A lot packed into the hour for the Org meeting; kudos to @Pepperoni_Joe for keeping things running quite smoothly.

  • Creative is in the process of launching the new website with the help of DefiJesus on some non-core engineering tasks.
  • July rewards will be assigned by WGLs on August 5th and published/distributed on August 6th. There was some discussion about improving the process with more to come.
  • If you haven’t reviewed the proposal for discussion by @catjam for onboarding new products, please do so soon as it’s active in the forum. @Matthew_Graham offered an assist on getting $BED liquidity in place per IIP-54.
  • @jdcook emphasized AWGs priorities, found on slide no. 20 and worth a look. Interestingly, one is a Live Financial Statement - something that sounds rather innovative, potentially leveraging the transparent nature of a blockchain-based org - I’m excited to see what develops here.
  • Growth is looking to get a dashboard together, and I learned a new word today: $cashtag . . . think #hashtag for tokens. When posting to twitter, be sure to use the $cashtag so it can be tracked for attribution purposes.
  • BD initiatives are discussed above; however, @BigSky7 additionally mentioned opening up a line of communication with Set to better understand their roadmap.
  • The most time spent on any one topic was relating to a proposal by @fallow8, re delegating UNI governance to Flipside. While it seems like a ‘no-brainer’ in terms of mutual-beneficiality (I’ll try to limit invented-words to one per newsletter), it raised a larger discussion regarding the role meta-governance plays, and the precedent being set renting out that power. While further discussion is sure to ensue in the forums, this proposal will go to IIP today as it needs to be advanced this week to be meaningful for Flipside. @catjam disclosed that they are in an executive role at Flipside, and offered to discuss the topic offline or in the forums.

Note: The Engineering WG meeting was canceled this week as it’s splitting into two meetings, with one geared toward ‘wizardry’, or the less intensive engineering tasks, and one toward ‘engineering proper’. Stay tuned.

Governance / Meta-Governance / Contributor Polls



Thursday Meetings: (UTC / runtime 1-hour unless noted)
1500 - New Joiner
1900 - Growth WG
1900 - Conversations with the Coop with Clinton Bembry from Slingshot - From @Crypto_Texan: “Slingshot is a best-in-class DEX aggregator is built to provide the seamless user experience, low latency and inexpensive transactions that DeFi users deserve. Slingshot runs on the Polygon network.” Questions in advance can be dropped in the dedicated discord channel.

Daily DAOwlpha: “When things get surfaced, they get solved.” - @Mringz, re organizational challenges

- @mel.eth

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Slight correction- this legendary quote came from @Mringz and not myself!

Great news-letter as always. Thanks for flooding our forum with Owlpha!


I moved this topic to ‘general’ and will keep it there going forward. I really appreciate all the positive feedback on these daily newsletters - especially in reading that the APAC crew is getting a better view in daily ops and maybe a little more sleep as a result; y’all are legends!


Missed the first half of the org call, thanks again Mel.

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Corrected; thanks @BigSky7 and sorry @Mringz!

Can’t get enough of these. Love the Owlpha!