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Business Development WG and Organization meetings were held today. BD, as always, a powerhouse of productive conversation and inspiration. The Org meeting was a recap of the Autonomy Group’s current thinking around their mandate, mainly focusing on the concept of a elected representative leadership council. Let’s dive in:

Calls to Action:

Business Development WG (15 attendees)
Fee-splits and incentive-alignment for methodologists have been a priority over the past week, and keep your eyes open for a forum post regarding some additional OTC offers. The treasury diversification team (huge shout to @bax86 , @Miza, @rebecca, and @ajay55) have been hard at work, covering ~50 discord servers with some buys reportedly on the horizon. There was some heavy discussion around leveraging oSUSHI to ease the liquidity mining burden on The Coop, including some potential partnerships for aligned block-voting; some of the strategies had the combined benefits of increasing revenue, liquidity, and asset diversification.

The intro-question at the top of the meeting was: What’s the most underrated skill in DeFi? Answers spanned from taking initiative, staying focused, simplifying complex topics, and getting one’s hands dirty . . . to my personal favorite: memeing.

Organization - Strategy & Enablers Session (39 attendees)
This meeting is typically held weekly to provide high-level alignment, announce new initiatives, request community action, and remove blockers. The Org session this week primarily consisted a presentation from @Pepperoni_Joe (one of three Owls representing IC in the Autonomy Group, resulting from their second meeting on August 10th; minutes from the first meeting are here), followed by an open forum. The results of the autonomy discussions thus far are taking the form of a proposed leadership council, not dissimilar from The Spartan Council over at Synthetix.

@Pepperoni_Joe noted that this is just a way of showing the council’s current thinking to the community, and that nothing has been formalized. The slides do an excellent job of outlining that thinking, approach, and even touch on some likely implementational questions around the proposed council. Contributor sentiment was somewhat mixed, with several contributors noting that we already have strong elected leadership within The Coop. @Mringz and @afromac separately expressed a desire to see a better framing of the problem that the Autonomy Council is attempting to solve via the proposed leadership council, noting that governance at IC is still an evolving process, and that no matter the system in place there will always be unintended consequences.

The relative proportion of voting power among Index Coop contributors, relative to stakeholders, was surfaced as being potentially problematic; the Autonomy Group has a lot to consider when returning to the table with Set and DeFi Pulse. Toward the end of the hour @BigSky7 summed things up pretty nicely, expressing that there is no shortage of strong leaders within this organization, and that this is process of refinement.

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