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Institutional Business and People, Organization, Community WGs met today, along with a Wizardry call and Multi-sig training. The crisp scent of wild productivity was in the air. Let’s dive in:

Calls to Action:

Institutional Business WG (13 attendees)
IB is laser-focused on getting crypto-curious decision-makers connected with the information and plumbing they need to responsibly allocate to Index Coop products. One message that resonated: Take core positions (in say $DPI) and then make concentrated bets around those positions.

A large focus of the IB call was the Wintermute proposal for market making services. The gist is: although the cost is relatively high (1% of INDEX supply), the path to a Tier 1 exchange listing may be made significantly shorter (on the order of months or years). Look out for a follow-up post here, but the sense on the the call was that if some performance metrics can be added, the cost is well-worth the benefit, as first-mover advantage for DeFi and other indexing products is likely to be quite large.

Wizardry (15 attendees)
discord / notion
As explained well by @DefiJesus, Wizardry’s function is to take an Owl from near-zero to contribution in the core Engineering WG. The fact that this exists within this DAO is just incredible - a unique opportunity to do productive work, earn some reward, AND gain the skills needed to contribute more meaningfully. If interested, I highly recommend attendance next week. This week some Web 2 work also calling data from on-chain sources is required, so if that’s your speed drop into the discord channel and say hey. Meetings are weekly on discord, linked above.

POC WG (13 attendees)
The POC is busy scoping out some necessary broad organizational roles, so look out for those soon in the forum. The new joiner process is being iterated (and in many ways automated) to streamline the process of getting the right Owl to the right place, and engineering capabilities are advancing well. Other initiatives include formalizing the ‘metal owl’ system and making it more useful as a means to signal context within the organization and thus perhaps, increased implied trust. Nothing to share yet re DAO tooling, but it’s high on the priority list with @Abel doing some deep dives into the needs and possible alternatives.

Multi-sig walkthrough training with @oneski22 (11 attendees)
(recording will be made available)
If you will be in any way interacting with Index Coop multi-sig smart contracts, or even want a great intro to using Gnosis Safe, the video of this session will get you well along that journey. Some interesting points were made that even more seasoned Owls might not know:

  • Given that a multi-sig wallet is a smart contract, the address on non-mainnet chains may not be the same as it is on mainnet, and in the case of IC, it is not;
  • Taking Metamask full screen is a good high-level additional check to make sure you’re interacting with the proper extension; and,
  • You can create a Gnosis Safe on Polygon for under $.01 and get comfortable using it with a fellow Owl to get more familiar.

Governance / Meta-Governance / Contributor Polls


[YEARN] YIP-63: Fund Builder-First Legal Activism DAO
182k:0k - Quorum Achieved - Result: FOR 100%

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - Introducing Index Webinar
1600 - Business Development WG
1800 - Strategy & Enablers Session

Daily DAOwlpha: “Everything you touch in the DAO should get better when you touch it.” - @BigSky7 in a weekly-meeting shoutout to @verto0912 who’s been exemplifying the concept.

- @mel.eth

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