The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.09.28 Tuesday

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Today we had the Institutional Business WG and Wizardry meetings. We had 4 IIP votes hit quorum in under 24-hours, perhaps a new speed record! In addition to the regularly scheduled Biz Dev WG and Leadership Forum calls tomorrow there’s a community call on $JPG sandwiched in, so if you’re going for the clean-sweep be sure to get your meeting-snacks lined up ahead.

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Institutional Business WG (16 attendees) notion (general) | notes by @funkmasterflex | notion (resources) by @ajay55
Hear ye! Hear ye! @fallow8 will be using notion more actively!!!

While sponsoring a booth at Token 2049 is a departure from Index Coop’s standard conference strategy of throwing sick afterparties, it is expected to be a high-impact showing of Index Coop’s IRL presence in the crypto-space. For the party-starved, Wintermute will be hosting a side-event that we may be able to crash. @Metfanmike will be giving a keynote and ran through some talking points that I won’t spoil here, but he stated that ‘community is our biggest asset and No.1 competitive advantage.’ I agree, y’all are freaking amazing.

@Eric_Tomaszewski is proving to be the Liam Neeson of family office solutions, having run through two platforms, one giving family offices exposure to crypto and another that provides penetrating insight into what family offices are buying. To close us out, @MrMadila highlighted an index product idea that would likely be appealing to institutions that may not be far enough out on the risk-spectrum for the 1/3 DeFi allocation that BED provides.

@Metfanmike and @fallow8 are busy getting the IBWG Q4 proposal written and posted this coming week. As they put it, this will get posted, be thrashed, and the best version will go to vote. Happy thrashing to all this thrashing season!

Wizardry (9 attendees) discord
Wizardry is back! As @DefiJesus stands up from the chair and surveys all that’s been built, @Cavalier_Eth brings a fresh energy to the Wizardry Weekly Meeting. This week was effectively laying the groundwork for what meetings will look like going forward, including more interaction with Engineering Proper and some interactive sessions to level-up the freshman class of Index Coop engineers.

I’m not one to shill any particular WG (blatant lie there, just go with it), but to my knowledge Wizardry isn’t a WG yet so . . . The thing I find so striking about this initiative is that it guides Owls through a process that could realistically result in a full time Engineering offer down the line, and compensates Owls for their contributions while doing so. You look me dead in the eye right now and tell me DAOs aren’t the future of work . . . I dare you.

If you’re looking to get involved, I’m sure @Cavalier_Eth would love to hear from you.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Business Development
1700 - $JPG Community Call
1800 - Leadership Forum
OOO: @overanalyser

Daily DAOwlpha: “There is no amount of initiative that is too great in a DAO.” - @Cavalier_Eth

- @mel.eth


“Hey look, I got a mention in the sCoop, I wonder if Mel talks about how I went deep on the values today or went out of my way to re-affirm the IB strategy for newcomers, could be a few things!”

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Fiiiiiiine @fallow8, I can’t keep allllllll the Owlpha for myself:

Also, did you see the IB notion resource page by @ajay55? Amazing. Get it together @fallow8 and you just might be at that level of flex one day . . . probably not soon, but you’ll get there :wink:

I am just…such a big fan of the sCoop!


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