The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.10.12 Tuesday

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Today we had the Institutional Business and Analytics Working Group meetings, along with Wizardry and POC Tea Time hosted on Discord. Tomorrow, Business Development and the Leadership Forum.

Q4 Working Group Proposals: by @gregdocter
Voting Live: Proposal: Product Working Group - Request for Funding Q4 2021
Forthcoming: TWG, POCWG

Calls to Action:

Product Spotlight:

Institutional Business WG (17 attendees) notion
Wintermute is now in possession of 100,000 INDEX tokens and will be making a market for our governance token and products alike; @fallow8 is meeting with WM shortly to discuss priorities and will be working with @overanalyser to facilitate comms on planned on-chain liquidity provisions. @Eric_Tomaszewski continues to work on leveraging iCapital to activate family offices after a productive meeting this past week.

@fallow8 identified that the beginning of any conversation, with institutional clients or otherwise, involves quickly identifying how far down the rabbit-hole they are, conveying what needs to be conveyed, and meeting them where they are at. @Eric_Tomaszewski separately tied this together nicely by posing the question of, “How do we bridge the gap?” so that Index Coop is in the consciousness of institutions when they are ready to buy and need a trusted partner to do so. Current applications of this strategy: providing content, hosting discussions, maintaining visibility at events. Otherwise, IBWG is still refining high-level goals down to tasks and tactics and there are plenty of ways to get involved. Please reach out to @Metfanmike if interested in onboarding to this WG.

Analytics WG (13 attendees) notion
For AWG Q4 we’ll see @jdcook at the helm, supported by @jackiepoo, @anthonyb.eth, and @sidhemraj. These Owls will interfacing heavily with the various WGs over the term to pull together data that will help inform the decisions that are made as a DAO. Today’s meeting was essentially a sprint-planning session that focused on early indicators each WG will find useful and clearing some of the low hurdles.

AWG is planning to start generating content in Q4 via a monthly blog post, perhaps some Twitter threads, and is looking to get deeper into product insights and retrospectives on such initiatives as liquidity migrations. Costs and revenue by product will be of particular focus. Otherwise, @jdcook is looking to leverage some of the POAPs that The Coop has dropped in an effort to track attribution and explore how POAPs can be used in this sense more broadly. If you’re looking to onboard into this WG, please reach out to @jdcook.

Index Coop Future Framework: StratOp (12 attendees) agenda
While I unfortunately only caught the first-half of the session, a recording will be posted and I can’t wait to see what was missed. @nic opened with an explanation of the StratOp process for building consensus around executable strategies, some insight into the experience he brings, and what the coming sessions might look like. If developing and ideating on The Coop holistically is your jam, check out the video and join at the next session!

Wizardry slides
Please note: Wizardry will be moving to Google Meet next week; please see calendar for link. Wizardry seeks to level-up Owls with little-to-no development experience; find onboarding information in the slides and on discord.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Business Development
1800 - Leadership Forum
OOO: @BigSky7 Oct 13-23, @fallow8 Oct 13-14, @MrMadila Oct 16-24 (Lisbon)
@oneski22: stepping back from day-to-day

Daily DAOwlpha: In today’s IBWG meeting I learned that, in similar fashion to a sandwich attack liquidity can be instantly added ahead of large trades . . . like a big sandwichy hug of protected trade-execution!

- @mel.eth