The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.11.17 Wednesday

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APAC was introduced to the Index Coop 2.0 framework for leadership, governance, and decision making. Business Development WG got ‘We The People’ pumped up with their progress on multiple fronts, and the day was rounded out with a community Q&A during Leadership Forum on Nests, Wise Owls, and all things Index Coop 2.0.

Tomorrow Gov Ops WG gets the ball rolling on a busy Thursday at Index Coop. Women + NB of Index WG are hosting a speed networking event to help all the community get to know each other a bit better, followed by the bi-weekly meeting of the Design WG. Last but not least, @Crypto_Texan will close out the day with a Conversation with the Coop featuring Bankless founder, David Hoffman.


Product Spotlight:

"We the People" Energy
Business Development (23 attendees) notion | BDWG Dune by @anthonyb.eth
@Miza brought a healthy dose of ‘We The People’ energy and inspiration, kicking off the meeting with a shout to ConstitutionDAO. The Index Coop’s foundation is 'We the People," and we’re all trying to work together to “form a more perfect protocol.”

@Mringz updated us on the progress of relationships with Vesper/$DPI (mid-Dec launch), Beta Finance, AAVE/$DPI. Thanks to an assist from @funkmasterflex LongLong will be creating some vaults on Polygon. Tracer has verbally committed in principle to support a $DPI perpetual pool market on Arbitrum. And are also interested in $GMI. The feasibility of a relationship with Instadapp is being discussed with EWG about what would be required to integrate with Set Protocol. @TheYoungCrews took a meeting with the DappRadar folks. They are most interested in our NFT metrics, along with featuring the $JPG index when live.

@Mringz also voiced the need for help writing up a Medium article to announce future integrations/partnerships and how Index customers can use them. Video tutorials would also be helpful to explain step by step how partner protocols work. $PAY progress is currently slowed a bit on the methodologist side. Votes tallies for the DG1 of $TTI, Launch ETH2X-FLI (Polygon) & MATIC2X-FLI (Polygon) will be final on Thursday.

@funkmasterflex stepped away from the ‘regular job’ and is now spending 100% of work time in the crypto space. He provided some event updates about the upcoming McGill & Berkley blockchain club events. @lee0007 and a few others asked for a bit more clarity around the KPIs or if there’s a specific approach that the Index Coop is taking to build these university relationships. As of now, they’ve been across a spectrum of different engagements: from event sponsorship to a voice in Gov Ops to taking part in the Wizardry program.

@Miza made an open call to those interested in contributing to BD as there’s plenty of work, noting the contributions of @JMoss, that it’s a great way to make a sudden impact in the Coop.

Rolling Up Our Sleeves To Create Wise Owl Principles
Leadership Forum (50 attendees) slides
*Ideas and questions were raised on several different fronts after last week’s Index 2.0 changes, including governance, compensation, contribution, and decision making. @Pepperoni_Joe wrote an additional forum post to provide more context and information on a few topics including the Wise Owls) *

There was a broad, positive consensus that a better decision-making process is vital for the Coop to grow and deliver in this competitive market. But precisely what that form of governance looked like was debated about for a large portion of the meeting.

Some, including @Abel, called for more clarity about the scope of tasks and authority that Wise Owls would have to make decisions for the organization. @MrMadila pondered where on the spectrum from representative to executive the Wise Owls would sit. @jdcook made it clear that, as written, the Wise Owls would do more than be a backstop. A fair amount of decisions need to be made for the best interests of the Index Coop as a whole. Strategic, time-sensitive issues arise every day that are invisible to a lot of members.

A few voiced support that the Wise Owls are the 7 most trusted members of the Index Coop with the most context and in the best position to make decisions to benefit the organization & community as a whole. And if that turns out not to be the case, we’ve written in the ability to disband this decision-making body. @mel.eth and @edwardk both expressed their thoughts on whether or not Nest representation quotas should be considered.

The question around Wise Owls and the extent of their duties lingered. @gregdocter, @afromac, and a few others suggested that instead of a rigid list of tasks or a bullet point job description, a set of guiding principles for Wise Owls could provide a framework for their charge, scope, and the spirit with which they should take action.

When it looked like a pause might be put on the progress, @Metfanmike spoke up. Since we were all here on the call, he suggested that we work on it now. So that’s what we did. The group “rolled up their sleeves,” shared their thoughts, raw ideas, and hopes for what a Wise Owl could be and how they would act on behalf of Index Coop. @Pepperoni_Joe will apply polish to these principles (Slide 10), and some additional steps will be outlined soon. So keep an eye out on the forum for information and next steps in the coming days.

11/18 - Updated Wise Owl Info

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - Governance Operations WG Meeting
1600 - Women + NB of Index WG
1700 - DWG Bi-Weekly Meeting
2130 - Conversations with the Coop - David Hoffman, Founder of Bankless @Crypto_Texan

OOO: @jdcook: Nov 10-23, @emault Nov 13-19, @fallow8 Nov 17, 24-26, @DocHabanero Nov 19-26, @Cavalier_Eth Nov 22-28 (getting hitched) , @mel.eth Nov 25 - Dec 2 (Reduced Avail. Thanksgiving/DCentral), @catjam Nov 30 - Dec 10 (@pujimak_in covering Weekly), @0xModene Dec 3-6, @pujimak_in Dec 7-14

Daily DAOwlpha: DAOs are the future. Companies are the present. To dabble in both is to constantly time travel between what DOES WORK NOW and what WILL WORK IN THE FUTURE. - @owocki

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Quick turnaround from @Pepperoni_Joe as updated information regarding Wise Owl Principles & Next Steps are now available.

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