The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.12.16 Thursday

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@caf and Socials Pod are spearheading a Index Coop 2021 recap video so I highly recommend you check out this link & take part.

A packed Thursday at Index Coop with the Design & Growth bi-weekly meetings. Gov Ops WG went first and got the day going with all things IIP, Snapshot, and metagovernance. APAC, @Mringz & @pujimak_in joined the Polygon team on Twitter Spaces to discuss Index products. Women + NB are exploring inclusive events and workshops to expand our DAO. BD was talking about partnerships and win-win relationship opportunities during their open Office Hours.

Tomorrow, @Alks4778 hosts DeFridays with the Coop over on the Twitter Spaces. So grab your favorite smartphone, earbuds and hang out with your fellow Owls.




  • [BALANCER] Boosted Pools: Authorize Balancer Labs to emergency pause
  • [BALANCER] Boosted Pools: Authorize Gauntlet and the Ballers Multisig to manage pool parameters
  • [COMPOUND-75:] Decentralized long-term security for Compound
  • [COMPOUND-76:] OpenZeppelin Continuous Audit & Security Services Proposal
  • [COMPOUND-77:] Continuous Security Engineering for Compound

Simplify Governance
Governance Operations WG Meeting (13 attendees) notion

Record attendance numbers today at the GovOps WG meeting as @lavi led the proceedings.

@Hammad1412 stopped by to communicate some upcoming changes and optimizations to our Discourse/Forum ( This reorganization will center around better use of Categories and Tags. By sorting information by Nest/Pod and specific topics, the goal is for information to be more search-friendly and easier to access.

@mel.eth offered the role of Boardroom scribe to any interested member in the group. This entails weekly website updates & a stipend of 250 USDC. Those interested can reach out to him.

The remainder of the meeting was spent setting up the Nest structure with @Pepperoni_Joe serving as a facilitator and helping the group focus on their mission and unique value to the overall community. For an in-depth recap of the proceedings and the direction this Nest is heading, be sure to check out mel.eth’s GovOps WG November Update.

Collaborating & Vibing with WIC
Women + NB of Index WG (8 attendees) slides
The WIC call kicked off with the weekly query from @jujube “What is an action you do to take care of yourself?” Yoga, water, coffee, walking outside, meditation, waking up early…lots of great ways to spend time taking care of ourselves.

@jujube and @catjam celebrated a successful event sponsorship and bounties being claimed at the Codleless Connect hackathon. Held this past Saturday by one of our investment partners @1kx, this hackathon was focused on helping non-technical people learn about opportunities to contribute to web3. Shout to @lee0007 for sourcing bounties and reformatting.

@rashmiashok11 & @Alks4778 continue to make progress on creating an Index 101 Workshop. To educate underrepresented groups about Index products and introduce Index products to a more diverse group of potential holders. @0xjbourne is putting together the workshop presentation and @Alks4778 is working with the social pod to finalize dates and promotion strategy. @chloe_thelady_ is helping with the logistics portion and the group has a meeting with @theyoungcrews this week.

With the success of the first How to DAO Twitter Spaces, there is momentum around doing more on a regular basis. A couple of formats being floated include Female Founder AMA w/ Women in Index. @kinjal15 is scheduled to be the first guest tentatively scheduled in early January. The other idea is around a Weekly Vibe Sesh w/ Women in Index creating an inclusive space to attract diverse top-of-funnel talent for Index.

@catjam @jujube and @0xMitz are exploring some potential collaborations with web3baddies, Forefront, Surge Women, Next Epoch, and other diversity-focused organizations.

Doubling Down on Brand
Design Working Group slides

@DevOnDeFi led a pre-holiday open forum in the Design call. He shared how in late November 2020, they realized there wasn’t much going on with Index Coop from a marketing and branding perspective. Comparing it to the nativity, @Static121 and @caf were the wisepeople who came bearing gifts of design aesthetic and skill. Overall they’ve come a long way and there’s a lot more to do.

@mel.eth shared that he feels that the DWG is the creative core of the Coop and has been inspired by their work since being a non-contributor contributor. @Static121 related that $INDEX was the first non-BTC/ETH coin that he ever bought. Getting involved was a combination of timing and luck. Despite the initial chaos, some frustrations he feels its shifted to a better place of order and focus. And feels amazing to be part of it.

@seblavoie emphasized how this is so vastly different from a traditional company. The learnings around this beehive of a DAO and within the WG have been tremendous. Also seeing what others are doing and having the confidence in non-DWG contributors to function as competent executors in other WGs. @codemathics came to Index via @puniaviision. It was his first experience of doing design in a DAO and will never forget MVI video rendering while driving his car down the highway.

Index Coop and crypto changed @caf’s world as she and @Static121 joined via the design contest in April. The speed of crypto and huge learnings have been exhilarating and she’s all in. She’s focused on the evolution of our brand and making sure we grow the Index Coop brand in a professional manner. @overanalyser understands the need to create and educate Owls about our branding.

The call wrapped up with an in-depth discussion about the importance of building and maintaining a professional brand amongst the entire Index Coop community.

Sponge Bob & Kirkland FTW
Growth Working Group slides
The Growth WG meeting kicked off with @MrMadila asking for your favorite and least favorite brands. While the least favorite was pretty…Meta. While the brainwashed Swoosh & Apple megabrand crowd like myself was heard, some interesting ones like Sponge Bob & Kirkland elicited some smiles.

An overview of WG KPI goals and progress were presented that showed a solid # of social media impressions (3 million = -10% under target) and a > 50% average read rate for blog articles. The number of website visitors continues to move up and to the right with a MoM increase of site visits by 60%.

The # of wallet addresses continues to increase as Q4 began with 25.8k with our products and the most recent count stood at 32k. A 20% increase in overall number.

@caf reminded folks of the Socials Pod meetings weekly (Wednesdays 9pm UTC) & Video Pod meetings bi-weekly (Wednesdays 8pm UTC). New platforms being explored are Telegram and LinkedIn. Work is ongoing with TOC and WIC in the Education pod. Socials Pod delegates to BD and Product calls to get better context and prep time for the campaign. There will be staggered availability through holidays with a skeleton crew and product launch in January 2022.

@TheYoungCrews gave an overview of upcoming campaigns including:

  • ETH2x-FLI-P (Launched)!
  • $GMI launch
  • WIC Education campign
  • Christmas special
  • NY recap
  • Vesper Earn launches Friday

Some initiatives and clear processes around internal/external communications have been gaining momentum. So a community discussion will be held in January to identify high-priority tasks communications and PR that need dedicated coordination and collaboration efforts.

@LemonadeAlpha shared some additional info regarding our paid campaigns including Animal Spirits, Bankless, and Coingecko banners. @DocHabanero talked “Issac the Institution” and $GMI launch and then handed over to @DevOnDeFi who brought us the most recent updates about the new website, SEO plans, and design/brand objectives for 2022.

@caf and Socials Pod are spearheading a Index Coop 2021 recap video so I highly recommend you check out this link to learn more about how to take part:

Friday: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - LATAM
2000 - ‘DeFridays with the Coop’ on Twitter Spaces @Alks4778

Monday: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Weekly Planning

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