The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.11.04 Thursday

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Today we celebrated Women+Non-Binary WG at their kickoff party, and Governance Ops and Design WG each had meetings. My first week of filling in for @mel.eth on the sCoop is wrapping up and it’s been a great one. Thanks to everyone who’s chatted with me and shared links/resources to help make these daily updates valuable for all the :owl::owl:.

No newsletter on Friday’s, so I’ll see everyone at the Weekly Standup on Monday, and in the words of @mel.eth . . . “don’t DAO too hard this weekend!”

:rotating_light: Call To Action: Don’t Miss Next Week’s Leadership Forum - 11/10 :rotating_light:
Important topics including: New Structure & Decision Making Framework & Compensation and Community Ownership which impacts everyone at Index Coop.

If you need more context and background about the topics that will be discussed at the next Leadership Forum, I strongly recommend that you watch and think about the below posts and videos before the call. Hit up some fellow Owls in Discord and share/thoughts and ideas.

Forum Posts



Product Spotlight:

Governance Operations WG Meeting (5 attendees)

@sixtykeys kicked off the meeting and discussed awareness and engagement with governance proposals. Very few people interact on Discord and it might be worth ceasing those posts.

More engagement and commenting take place in our Forum but old IIPs are hard to discover and current ones are difficult to track through the process. We need a better way to bring awareness to proposals at all stages.

@oneski22 highlighted that governance overload is going to happen and the nature of our DAO. Voting from wallet interfaces was one way discussed to streamline the process. He highlighted that IC has higher forum engagement than a lot of other communities.

Index Coop in its current structure and iteration does a lot of governance compared to other organizations that delegate more to their internal teams to decide. Less IIPs and more autonomy to working groups → more delegation and autonomy.

@Mringz mentioned that the current balance between delegation and governance could be tied to ensuring responsible and effective use of the DAO’s treasury.

@sixtykeys brought up the idea of offering POAPs for high-priority governance times to help cut through the noise and incentivize voting on important proposals.

@DocHabanero questioned the need for two stages of DG. With the amount of changes that happen between DG1 to DG2, it might make more sense to implement a scoring system to determine how fleshed out an idea/proposal really is. This could save time, money, and team resources, so we’re not trying to launch products that nobody wants or prioritizing moonshot over listening to the market. In our startup phase and capital constraints, the priority should be on building products that capture current demand.

Upcoming nomination post & election (MGC)
MetaGovernance Committee nominations will start next week, Nov. 8th. All community members, internal and external are welcome to participate. Nominees will do an intro on Weekly Standup, Nov. 15th. Elections will start on Snapshot, after nominees’ introductions that day.

@sixtykeys made a call for any new Owlets or more experienced members of IC that Governance is looking for contributors. He’d be happy to coach up and collaborate with those who are interested.

@Mringz brought up the idea of ARCx governance passport as a potential platform/partner and a way to incentivize participation with NFTs.

Women + Non-Binary in Crypto (15 attendees) slides | by @jujube
A great time was had by all as the WIC WG made their official entrance into the Coop. Along with the party, it was a great opportunity to brainstorm and collaborate on ways WIC WG and IC can build a strong, diverse community. And did somebody say…POAP :open_mouth:

We then jumped into the purpose and goals of the WG.

  • the economic case for diversity
  • diversity amplifies collective intelligence
  • for index: proactively working to ensure diversity among contributors
  • experimenting w/ ways we can support diversity

@chasechapman @catjam @jujube @rashmiashok11 were introduced as the 4 co-leads of the group. This structure will allow WIC to move forward with various initiatives, included but not limited to the following themes:

  • Sourcing diverse talent
  • Networking & Education
  • Pathways to contributor-ship

In more tactical terms this includes:

  • Building culture: creating a space where women & nb can socialize and hangout
  • Educating: how we can help educate underrepresented groups; giving people resources to understand web3 and DAOs (events, collab with groups like she256, creating a blueprint on how we can think of these initiatives long term)
  • Supporting paths to contribution: activating talent; help women & non-binary people become contributors supporting the coop
  • Conducting experiments and documenting them on the forum monthly to keep the community engaged and updated on what is/isn’t working

With Index 2.0 and structural change on the horizon, WIC has a strong focus on collaboration & communication across WGs to be a place to foster a space of inclusiveness and opportunity with our DAO.

A 15-minute breakout room session was held that felt like 30 seconds. Topics discussed included:

  • a safe space for people to learn together and foster relationships in the DAO space
  • act as a support mechanism and create a career path for people to grow
  • be the foundation and human touchpoint for those who want to join but don’t know where to start
  • where would you like to see us focus? what do you think the highest priority should be for WIC WG?
    • education - help people have a better foundational understanding of how things work before going further into becoming a contributor
    • integration within the coop - better support women and nonbinary people coming in, setting their expectations on other WGs
  • would be cool to have a system for plugging WIC in podcast opportunities, or do our own podcast!

And did I mention that sweet, sweet POAP!


Design WG (12 attendees) notion
Everyone within the Coop is excited about the launch of our new website. For those that want a sneak peek, check out:

Leading the call, @dev relayed that the Dowls are making significant progress with the new website and are on track for rolling out the update later this month. The project is being run and tracked by @alerex and you check out the progress via notion.

@caf with Socials Working Group gave a brief recap of their group call along with an overview of the upcoming educational video strategy. The Instagram account had a curious 230% jump in followers that just kind of happened overnight with no clear idea of the cause.

@Static121 discussed video strategy for educational content and shared a notion board on that topic that he’d been working on with @caf. The objective is to create a customer journey through multiple videos instead of one-off blogs or repurposed content. He identified the main blocker currently being the need for copywriting. @dev mentioned bringing @marshmellow into the conversation might help provide access to writing/content to help move the project forward and @kindeagle also expressed interest in pitching in.

@dev gave as head’s up to the group about the importance of getting up to speed on the soon to be announced changes with regards to IC’s structure, compensation, and decision making. Attendance at next week’s Leadership Forum is important for all members to participate and be in the loop.

@earth2travis brought up the idea of a program similar to what EWG is doing with Wizardry to attract, onboard, and retain those interested in contributing to DWG. He’d like to open it up to discussion and has created a document with a few prompts to get things rolling.

Rounding out the meeting @dev gave shout-outs to @caf @Static121 @seblavoie @emil_eth @dylan @souravinsights @alerex and the whole Design WG on jobs very well done.

Monday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Weekly Planning

@pujimak_in: 10/31 - 11//7
@mel.eth @bax86 @Metfanmike @fallow8: 11/1-4 - NFT.NYC
@jdcook: Nov 10-23
@Cavalier_Eth: 11/22 - getting married
@overanalyser @MrMadila: 11/25-28 - Coinfest

Daily DAOwlpha: A DAO is a universe of people. She treats everyone as an individual. She’s compassionate and she’s an acute listener. She’s your closest circle of friends. She replaces management with mentorship. Magical things start happening when individuals are given both autonomy and agency. - @banteg



Index Coop is seeing in the future and equal chances for everyone will be (it is) a big thing! Not many organisations can say that they offer what the Coop offers to every individual! Onwards and upwards :raised_hands:


Dropping a comment to emphasize this as much as possible! There has been so much great work done within the community over the last few months on these crucial topics of decision making, governance & community ownership, that we are putting into action right now. It’s never too late to get involved & the materials + context to be a prepared & involved participant are right at your fingertips.

Kudos to @kindeagle for compiling these relevant links/posts as pre-reading for next week’s leadership forum.


Thanks, @TheYoungCrews. I figured there were a number of folks in the community (myself included) that could benefit from these resources. A lot of Owls have dedicated time and effort to this endeavor so I wanted to make sure everyone who wanted to understand and take part in the discussion had the opportunity to explore everything that’s led up to Wednesday’s Leadership Forum.