The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.03.02 Wednesday

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This week’s Leadership Forum discussed the future of Index Council, specifically Index Council v2 that was recently shared to the forum.

Tomorrow, BD Pod kicks off the day with an open-to-everyone office hour at 16:00 UTC and is followed by Growth Nest weekly at 20:00.



Index Council | Product:

Nest Proposals (all approved):

Debates Around Opacity

Leadership Forum (30 attendees) slides

First of all, all budgets and proposals have been approved! Budgets, a list of contributors, and corresponding owl levels will be added to each forum post. A final budget encompassing all 5 Nests will hit the forum as an IIP soon.

Previously, we’ve thought about 3 places the Council could sit on the spectrum of decentralization. The general consensus from last week settled in the middle, in favor of Index Council v2 outlined in detail by the current Council members here. In this version, the Council would have three duties:

  1. Determine Index Coop strategy - especially relating to product and strategic partnerships
  2. Support resource allocation to deliver on our strategy.
  3. Delegate decisions that lack a clear owner and empower “win teams” to solve problems

Council term length would be 6 months with an election every 3 months to fill vacant positions on the Council. Like the US Senate, Council elections would function on an alternating basis to improve continuity as only half of the members would be up for replacement each election. Council members can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms (12 months total). On this schedule, upcoming nominations for 3 open spots would happen March 7 and elections would happen March 14. The 4 occupied spots currently held by @Pepperoni_Joe, @Metfanmike, @LemonadeAlpha, and @Matthew_Graham would be up for election on May 30. The goal with this schedule is for any new Council member to be involved in the entire lifecycle of a Season and play a critical role in shaping Index Coops Seasonal strategy.

Voting will be conducted via Choicevote. There are no requirements for nominated Owls. Bronze, Silver, and Gold Owls will be eligible to vote, with Silver earning 2x weighting and Gold 4x weighting. Check the slides for the shakeout of owl levels across Nests and the impact on how much sway each Nest would therefore have.

We also talked improving transparency. Three ideas have been floated:

  1. Accountability Secretary: An executive assistant would support the Council by publishing a summary of Council meeting notes, preparing Forum slides, reporting on “Win Teams” assigned to specific decision-making, updating action items to Notion, and recording Council meeting attendance or other activity that may be useful to be publicly available.

    Current Council Recommendation: Instead of an additional dedicated personal installed for this role, the Council itself should shoulder this responsibility.

  2. Council feedback: Councilmembers will provide feedback one each others’ performance and responses will be shared via email with Bronze+ contributors.

    Current Council Recommendation: This would not be done as Council members are only incentivized to provide positive feedback.

  3. Transparency in decision-making: Installation of a process whereby any Council Member can “All a topic to vote" and all Councilmembers must vote “Yay,” “Nay,” or “Abstain.” Detail on vote request and individual Councilmember responses will be made available at the Leadership Forum.

    Current Council Recommendation: This approach as it had the ability to create really awkward situations, and personal relationships are now something to consider. The Council would much rather share the outcome of votes as a council and own them as a council.

The Council asks contributors to review the Index Council v2 Proposal and provide feedback in the comments.

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600- BD Office Hour
2000 - Growth Nest

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