The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.02.09 Wednesday

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Today, Leadership Forum discussed two things: the future of the Index Council and the future of Discord. Forum posts on each invite further discussion. Also, we launched MATIC and iMATIC today! Spread the word.

Tomorrow, lots of meetings. Governance Nest kicks off the day followed by the heavily anticipated return of Women + NB’s biweeky meeting and BD Office Hours at the same time. Design Pod follows and finally, Growth Nest holds their public-facing call to cap off Thursday. At 12pm EST, @Metfanmike is co-hosting a webinar on DeFi with the CFA Institute.



  • YIP-66: Streamlining Contributor Compensation

Finance | Governance | Community:

The Future of…

Leadership Forum (31 attendees) slides

First of all, All 5 Nests have drafted their V1 Budget Proposals and are at various steps of the approval process. For details, check out the slides. The rest of the meeting was spent discussing the future of:

…the Index Council

Everyone chipped in on a jamboard with questions and topics regarding the first term of the Index Council to. This information sourced from contributors will be used in future workshops to evaluate theCouncil, provide them an opportunity to address win and challenges, and help Index Coop tackle difficult issues in Season 1 and beyond.

The poll on the February 28th’s term end for Index Council and forum post are open and everyone is welcome to share their thoughts .

…the Discord

The Community Nest strongly supports evolving community and contributor relations with the division of our current Discord into two separate servers, with pros/cons delineated on the slides and in the forum post. The forum post invites continued discussion.

Community Nest sought feedback in this Mural about how strongly contributors felt for/against splitting the Discord. The majority of contributors were in favor of two Discord servers. “for” than “against.”

Discussion centered around open vs. closed-source, a philosophical and practical topic for DAOs. While a Discord split would create some sort of gate to contribution in our DAO, making us not fully open-source. That said, several contributors voiced their reality: important conversations are not currently being held in our public Discord server. Group DMs have already being used to avoid confusing customers/community members. This means that we are already not fully open-source, even before the proposed Discord division. According to @anthonyb.eth, the Discord split may allow us to become more open-source, as important conversations may be able to happen more publicly in a contributor Discord server.

The forum post has been updated to include a poll. Next steps:

  • If in favor, commence the split (with aim to complete by the end of February).
  • If against, revise the project to focus on improving community UX with role selection.

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - Governance Nest
1600 - BD Office Hours
1600 - Women +NB in Index
1700 - Design Pod
2000 - Growth Nest

Daily Owlpha: “When you invite people into an impact network or DAO, you’re not inviting them into “your thing” - you’re inviting them into co-creating what is possible, now that they’re a part of the community.” - @davidehrlichman

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