The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.02.16 Wednesday

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Today, Leadership Forum discussed this month’s hot topic: the future of the Index Council and update on few other things: the budget and proposal process, Discord revamp, rewards process, and DSM and airdrop.

Tomorrow, BD will hold its usual office hour from 1-2pm EST and Growth Nest will follow with a presentation of their Nest Proposal. at 5 EST.



Nest Proposals:

The countdown 'til the 28th

Leadership Forum (24 attendees) slides

February 28th is important. This is when the Index Council formal term will end. By this date, relevant members of Product Nest will have been invited into discussion with Set to confirm a new “Collaboration Agreement” for IC<>Set Relations. In subsequent Leadership Forums until this date, we will as a community craft an “Index Constitution” which will clearly establish the delegated decision making responsibilities for the Index Council, Nest and Pods. The poll, meant as a temperature check rather than executive decision, resulted in a 58% “for”/41% “against” to continue the Index Council.

The question of whether to continue the Index Council is part of a deeper discussion about the philosophy of how a DAO should be run. One core component of this is the degree to which we want to be decentralized; inherently tied to this is defining the role of the Index Council. As we continue to think about this, we will craft the constitution by defining who makes what decisions at Index Coop. An Initial outline is on the slides.

The Budget and Proposal process is well underway; 4 of the 5 nests (all but Product) have shared their respective proposals on the forum. The next and final step is for Index Council to approve the proposals, expected to be complete in the next week.

An update on the Discord revamp: We’re splitting the Discord into one for contributors and one for community. A new server has been created, and contributors are slowly being onboarded with new categories, roles, and permissions. Impending steps include identifying Discord mods for each nest to help design categories within the Nest and migrating all contributors to the new server. The Community Roadmap also includes cleaning up the current Discord server, finalizing an owl level progression framework, and defining Community Manager guidelines.

In the run-up to the rewards process opening, @Finance.Nest asks that you review this post. Nest and Pod Leads—please reach out to @Hammad1412 by the end of this week if you would like to use Coordinape to allocate your rewards. FAQs about Coordinape are on the slides. Priority Hires will not need to submit a rewards sheet.

A question was brought up about retroactive rewards for contributors: the DSM model and potential airdrop. DSM commenced on February 1 and the state of the airdrop is up-in-the-air, with councilmembers agreeing to draft a proposal on its rollout shortly.

Tomorrow, the ETHDenver gang is hosting “Building a decentralized asset management giant,” likely hosted by @Pepperoni_Joe, @LemonadeAlpha, @anthonyb.eth, and @mel.eth. If you’re feeling the FOMO, it will be streamed live from 3-5 EST on the ETHDenver website. They’re sourcing topics and structure in this Jamboard.

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600- BD Office Hour
2000 - Growth Nest

Daily TrOWllpha: “if you are a real defi user, you have experienced the panic attack of thinking you lost your funds in a random protocol at least once” - @0xbabi

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Hello, @Pepperoni_Joe can you tell me where and when BD Office Hour happens please? I think it’s someplace on Discord at 16h UTC time? The invite link is not working for me.