The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.03.29 Tuesday

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Today is the single most important day in Index Coop history. We’ve made it on a CEX: Gemini, to be specific. Big things are ahead for the Owls as the price of $INDEX has hit double digits.

Tomorrow, we’ll hear from @Matthew_Graham on the Governance House proposal and we’ll celebrate today’s big news. On Thursday, local superstar @Metfanmike will lead Growth Nest’s weekly community call.


    • Index Council v2 voting has been sent to your email by Choice Voting . Vote for 7 of 14 candidates by Thursday, March 31st at 18:00 UTC.


The single most important day in Index Coop history.

Index Coop TL;DRs

Gemini: Index Coop’s First CEX Listing | link

Today, Gemini announced support for $INDEX and $DPI! This means we’ve made it on our first Tier 1 centralized exchange, the easiest onramp to defi. Institutional Business Pod’s core KPI of getting on at least one Tier 1 CEX: achieved, and we’re not even halfway through the season.

Diversification is important for everyone. Centralized Exchange Listings bring Index Coop products to mainstream crypto buyers, retail and institutional. On Gemini, convert fiat to $INDEX or $DPI; it’s that simple. In the words of @funkmasterflex, “our products are made for institutions, defi experts, DAO treasuries, and your grandma.”

Now, you can recommend your friends and family buy Index Coop products (just $DPI and $INDEX for now) without having to having to explain to them how blockchain works. Other Tier 1 exchanges include Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, FTX—we hope to hit more in the near future.

Set congratulated us in this forum post. This is a huge win; we will celebrate at tomorrow’s Leadership Forum. WAGMI, Owls.

DPI Rebalance link

In March, DPI returned +36.2%. Leaders include KNC(+78.8%), LRC(+60.8%), and SNX(+46.4%) (check out our new blog for deep dives into each). Only one token, RGT, decreased in overall price this month.

No tokens will be added or removed from DPI this month, keeping its constituents to 14. For most constituents, the index weight only changed marginally.

DATA Rebalance link

No additions or deletions from DATA, meaning it will continue with 8 constituents. No major index weighting changes, either.

Biggest news out of this rebalance: Chainlink (LINK) has hit the max allocation: 25%, for next month. It joins Filecoin (FIL) at that threshold.

MaaSive News

Finance Nest’s Money Talks | forum post

Index Coop’s metagovernance is one of our great strengths. Governance House, a DeFi focal point for providing Metagovernance as a Service (MaaS) across the ecosystem, will expand the network and reach of Index Coop by welcoming trusted members from other communities into Governance House and attracting delegate votes from other communities. This is metagovernance as a service (MaaS).

Services MaaS will provide:

  1. Active voter participation.
  2. Provider a focal point for entities seeking to propose a change.
  3. Liaison between core community members and entities seeking to propose a change.
  4. Prepare governance forum posts.
  5. Conduct Snapshot votes.
  6. Submit on-chain proposals to implement improvement proposals.

We’ve already hit the forum of TribeDAO (FEI Protocol), proposing they delegate INDEX for metagovernance voting through Governance House.

@Matthew_Graham will present on Governance House in tomorrow’s leadership forum. See ya there.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1900 - Leadership Forum

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
2000 - Growth Nest

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