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Translation leverages the value of our content. We already have great content producers and translation will expand their audience and make INDEX and its index information more accessible. Translation will also involve more of the INDEX community and, being an activity that might engage the community who are not already involved, resources won’t be taken away from other projects.

Developing the translation process and scope is low risk because it should not impact current plans or ongoing processes, nor should it take anyone away from their current work to any significant degree. There are very few, if any, upfront costs and expenditure can be managed step-by-step.


The team and its work might logically sit under the GWG (Growth Working Group) operations.

Content to be reviewed qualitatively through peer review and quantitatively through analytics, though the effects of the work may take some time to be seen. A three month operations review might be suitable.

Monitor success using:

Google Analytics site data,
Number of token holders,
Social media activity and language.

First stage - establish a team and a workflow by working on key texts - identified by analytics and GWG consensus.

Later - expand translation beyond key texts, product intros, how-tos, etc. and work on:

indexcoop site
View from the nest blog
email marketing
external blog content sharing/reposting
Region biased channels such as WeChat.

To give some opportunity context: the INDEX Coop has members active in the languages below, as far as I can tell. And, as a very rough guide of audience size currently being missed, here are the Google estimated audiences - google accounts that searched ‘crypto’ in their own language, taken from Google Analytics Jan 19, 2021.


The languages taken together represent an audience similar to that of the US. Considering Google is less prevalent in some areas, especially China, the audience is likely quite a bit larger than this estimate.


Many people know English and may not require information in their native language.
The value of different language markets may differ due to regional income and legal differences.
Starting to translate and then stopping could negatively affect the INDEX brand image.
Automated translation is a useful tool but for main content it can easily be detected by readers, can be confusing, and may be seen as cheap/unprofessional.

Next steps:

Find community members who will engage in translation.
Set a budget - this will partially determine the pace of work.
I feel this work could naturally fit under the work of the GWG but may not fit its pace of work.

I think the inclusiveness promoted by having multiple languages fits with the ethos to the coop, My question is what level of support is there for such work - is now the right time? (I think yes, before the task becomes even bigger.)

What kind of reward should there be for translations - I saw 39 INDEX for previous work. Though not all will be so long, and others may be shorter.

I am ready to make this into a proposal if we see value in it and the timing is right.


I began translating into Swedish a couple of days ago since I thought it might be a good idea. I didn’t consider the impact that partial translation could have but I’m willing to commit to a set amount of text.


I totally support this idea.
I learned over the last 3 years how important it is in several markets to go local. Thinking of Eastern Europe, Russia or of you think of France where it is still necessary to print ads in French language.
For me it is also a sign of respect to address people in their mother language. It is also a way to gain trust. And if you read somewhere else here in the forum a post of me, than you recognise that I use this word very often. Trust. Without it you won’t sell a product.
Like I mentioned before, I have some experience with i18n. And would be happy to help here project-side or as a translator for German language.

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Yeah this is great. Please submit a memo to the growth working group here - Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.


@blurb that’s great to hear! It’s to coordinate these efforts that I want us to have a group or contact point established, make things easier for ourselves, and more effective hopefully!

@Martin cool stuff! I totally agree about trust. Combining tech and language skills will be valuable too!

@reganbozman I’ll get it submitted, thank you!


Dear Colleagues,

I 'm new in town, but in crypto for a while now.

As a professional translator I can not understimate the value in reading in your own language. It makes knowledge access even more democratic.

Not to forget that although English and Chinese are the lingua franca of our days, milions don’t know a word of it.

I am open to discuss the translation of content into Spanish, Catalan and Russian.

Willing to hear your thoughts.

Have a great day.



Hi @RgF , great to hear from you and welcome to the Index Coop!

Well said, and it sounds like you have good skills for this. Things are at an early stage from the point of view of the post I made but I’ll keep a note of your handle and skills. Are you on Discord - I’m there with the same name.

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Hi mrvls_brksft,

thanks for contacting!
I trully thing we are entereing in a new financial era. I’d dare to say we are at a “Napster” stage when discographies still thougt they could stop technology evolution through trials and judges…
I’ll look for you in discord.

Let’s keep in touch.

Have a great day.


I also translated some articles for INDEX in French. Also, currently doing another one to speak about the liquidity mining program on Loopring ( a project I love).

I’m already translating newsletters for different project mainly Yearn, Harvest …

As you said mentioned, it’s also important to define what you want exactly, translating is one thing. But then you also need to target the audience. A lot of project reward users for translations, but very often those translations just stay on a Google Drive or completely lost on a webpage.


Dear all,

I think translating is a useful start obviously, but I fear it can falter on the longer run if it’s not supplemented with other incentives.

We have indeed several examples of English-to-French translated newsletters, in which you can find useful information of course. But they often lack the “personality” of the original content, and struggle to get the original message from the author right : I hope you can get mine clearly there :slight_smile:

I’ve also started to prepare stuff in French for the Coop - focusing on the basics - and I look forward to translating a deck or an “how to” guide.

But to be really effective I think it’s essential to supplement content by actually engaging with our respective fellows, in a way that is authentic and enjoyable.

One could think of a “Communities Management Group” to go one step further. Also happy to help there with’s newsletter / DAO and the French speaking section of the Coop’s Discord.


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Hi Julien @Monportefeuille , I agree, translations are much better when they convey the original while also accounting for the audience - a good translation will have character and be authentic. It’s part of building trust, as @Martin has mentioned as well.

@Cryptouf, what you say is what I fear - we don’t want to lose work and effort. Making sure we maximise the value of Coop content and its community is key to having a group. If we can organise ourselves well, I see the language work of the INDEX Coop being about community development, and the related things that entails: chat channels, outreach, platforms, etc. So that we reach more people and are more easily open to more talent as well. The index ideas and proposals the INDEX Coop has look like they will appeal to a wide variety of people, which should make for some interesting communications work!


In case anyone can read Swedish I could use your help to proof-read the and other translations. Please reach out here or to me @nakamomo6 on Discord.

Hi! I’m a portuguese student with a C2 Proficiency in English certificate and would like to help out the community in this project. Since I’m a native speaker from Portugal, this growth proposal would be the perfect opportunity to finally be apart of this coop. Surprisingly, even though English is taught from an early age here in Portugal , most people prefer to surf the web with the content translated. This is a great step to further sediment our position as a decentralized asset manager.

Feel free to hit me up on discord @JonybeCC :slight_smile:


Hi JonynbeCC! Welcome to the Index Coop forum! Thank you for the info! Will catch up with you on Discord!

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