Idea crowdsourcing - promotions we could run with wallets

This is part of the BD and Partnerships Outreach Epic.

We are currently thinking through different promotions that we could run with wallets. Main ideas include:

  • premium placements within the wallet app (hopefully, making it easy for people to buy DPI. this could include a kickback in INDEX tokens for each DPI purchase from the app)
  • premium placement for DPI/ETH liquidity provision w APY (maybe they already have ETH and would be interested in providing liquidity)
  • other options to increase in-app visibility (would differ from app to app, depending on their functionality)
  • promotional content (to be delivered via their newsletter, social channels, podcast, etc)

Please comment with any ideas of promotions we could run. What else should we be considering?

Also, join the BD and Partnerships Outreach channel if you want to get involved in this initiative :slight_smile:


Sounds great! This is something that will be funded via the growth committee?

yeah, I believe so. once Regan and Lemonade get up and running!

I think this is an excellent idea, @verto0912, and would have these thoughts:

  • Testing this wallet providers channel via content partnerships first could be ideal (an interview re what is DPI, perhaps). It’s quick and lightweight to turn into an email and blog, for us and them (and related communities) to share on social.
  • I think Ledger or Trezor or other will want to see traction from such a project, before spending dev time changing their application to show popups, banners, etc, promoting DPI content or product.
  • We could allocate X token or Y USD of tokens budget to it for a pilot test, run it for Z hundred click throughs (or whatever sample size we decide), then see what it drives.

I’d be happy to help re strategy and planning the test (budget size, sample size, timeline, etc), as well as tracking and reporting, communicating results and potential follow-on strategies.