Calling all owls! Business Development Job Board

Hello Owls!

I hope everyone is excited to crush the rest of April. We have a lot happening in Index Coop and there is a ton of work that needs to get done. The best way to get started with a DAO is to roll-up your sleeves and get to work. If you are looking to help out and are not sure where to start - check out some of these jobs.

If any of these jobs seem interesting please don’t hesitate to reach out and get started.

Business Development

Slides and Products

  • Create $MVI one-pager. Example one-pager

  • Create $FLI one-pager

  • Consolidate $DPI, $MVI, $FLI one-pagers into a short slide-deck that gives an overview of Index Coop products.

  • Create a guide for $DPI custodial holdings (esp Fireblocks). Please read for reference and speak with @MCGPetch


  • Build an Index Coop LinkedIn page

  • Build an Index Coop Instagram page (IDK anything about Insta - is this a thing?)

  • Build and run a Spanish and Chinese language Twitter account for Index Coop. Reach out to @mrvls_brkfast.


  • If you want to help out with Investor Relations reach out to @metfanmike and @fallow9 on Discord

  • If you want to help out with DeFi Partnerships reach out to @Mringz or myself on Discord

  • If you want to help out on Exchange Listings reach out to @Regan or myself on Discord

We will be updating this board throughout the rest of this month so keep your eyes peeled!


Hey! I can hop on that MVI and FLI one-pagers today. Any idea who made the DPI one? Wanna clarify how they executed one part of it.

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I can also make the short slide deck of all three once I’m done

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Reach out to @codemathics he did the final design work!

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I’ll do the guide for $DPI custody holdings covering Fireblocks & possibly others

For the 2 social media items (linkedin & insta) - will introduce someone to the community today who has a good understanding of social media & will get involved


Late to the party as I just joined…!

I can help you with the LinkedIn and Instagram pages if you still need help @BigSky7?

I’ve organically built an Instagram following of 15k and know it well. I’ve been actively using LinkedIn for years and am looking for a project to hone my skills there.

The first steps would be to have a brief exchange to establish exactly what you want to get out of these (particularly Instagram) and then I can get right to work!

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Awesome! Can you hit me up on Discord and we can coordinate further - BigSky

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If you’d like to help with other design stuff, check out the Design channel too!

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I’ll take a look. I’m not a qualified design guy but have had to figure some elements of it out in my last business, so I’ll take a look and see if there’s anything I can help with.

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@BigSky7 - Have all these tasks now been completed or is there anything still outstanding?

Hey @Pepperoni_Joe thanks for following up!

We are good on most of those. Still waiting on the LInkedIn , Instagram, and TikTok pages / accounts - it would be awesome to start getting some of those spun up!

cc @Pepperoni_Joe - it looks like @Static121 and @caf are working on the Instagram, YouTube etc, based on discussion on our Discord (Growth channel), and have put together a well thought out proposal for Index’s social media accounts over there. Just flagging to make sure any efforts are co-ordinated.


yep correct we have a one month instagram calendar including post assets ready to go and planning on starting to post next monday. Youtube strategy is ready but waiting on confirmation to start video production. For Linkedin we are collaborating with Lanks who will do the posts.


Thanks @caf , sounds exciting and can’t wait to see it all go live! Have you or @Lanks set up a LinkedIn page yet or is it in your schedule? If not I can look into that and get it moving (cc @Pepperoni_Joe).

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Hey, @4aquatic & @Pepperoni_Joe the Coop has a Linkedin setup - Plan is to start using it actively within the next 2-3 weeks & sooner if possible. Will jump into the Growth Channel today to see how we can collab & ensure alignment