The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.10.06 Wednesday

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Happy Birthday Index Coop!!!

Index Coop Turns 1! by @nic

As the sun sets on the last Owls to be celebrating one-year since @setoshi introduced The Index Cooperative to the world, I’d like to thank every single Owl and partner that have brought Index Coop from year-0 to 1. A very special thanks as well to the friends and family members of our contributing Owls - y’all support us, and the Owls that support us, and for that we can’t thank you enough!

On this momentous day we kicked off with a Birthday bash replete with DJ and swag, a Business Development WG meeting, and the Leadership Forum. Tomorrow we’ll have the bi-weekly Design Meeting. There will be no Growth WG meeting tomorrow; however, @Crypto_Texan will be interviewing @Thomas_Hepner and @Kiba, the Titans of Data, in the latest installment of Conversations with the Coop!

Active WG Proposals (v1.1, guidance by @gregdocter)
Voting runs for 3-days and there is a 20-vote quorum requirement; all active proposals listed here.

Calls to Action:

Product Spotlight:

Index Coop Birthday Party (114 attendees discord/twitch)
Sorry Owls, there is just no chance that I can convey @BigSky7 energy via the written word! Two stylish POAPs and some DATA airdropped, a few inspiring recorded interviews by @nic with @pujimak_in, @Mringz, and @jujube, and a few words from the Set and Index Coop founder @setoshi.

@setoshi remarked that it’s been really cool to build with like-minded people, and compared the opportunities afforded via web3 and Index Coop to the American Dream made manifest on the internet. @BigSky7 drew focus to building for sustainability and envisions Index Coop being the standard bearer for a decentralized future through culture, community, and contribution. The gratitude and optimism in the room was palpable and we’re all looking forward to what the next 365-days will bring. With this much energy at an online event, I have to wonder if year 2 might be marked with a meatspace gathering . . .

Business Development (20 attendees) notion | minutes by @funkmasterflex
Opener: Where do you think Index Coop will be a year from now? @Mringz and @oneski22 projected some relevant metrics (~30 products, ~300 contributors, ~20 WGs, ~3-5B TVL). Apparently we’ll need to see a 10x of active wallets or @Miza will be eating @Crypto_Texan’s hat, and @jcooper would have the top 20 DAO treasuries kitted with IC products. Otherwise, seeing the DPI ticker running across the bottom of some legacy financial news shows would bring a smile to this Owl’s face every time.

The BDWG is becoming an ever more important communication hub for partners and contributors alike. As DAOs are diversifying and traditional institutions onboard digital assets, BDWG is helping Index Coop position as the dominant asset manager in-class. @Mringz highlighted that BDWG is looking to build out the WG-specific onboarding process and is looking for contribution to this initiative; please reach out directly if interested.

Regarding the second tranche of INDEX OTC sales to investors, the audited contracts have been funded and one investor has executed, @oneski22 expects to have good news on all 3 by next week. There have been discussions with DFP about PAY, and it currently sits with PWG as the technical aspects are reviewed.
Discussion with DFP regarding future fee-splits are ongoing this week with a forum post reportedly imminent.

Leadership Forum (23 attendees) slides | minutes by @mrvls_brkfst
I had the pleasure of chairing the Leadership Forum on Index Coop’s birthday and it was not an experience I’ll soon forget. While I managed to bring it in at about a 20-minute runtime, we did not have significant updates from the Index 2.0 facilitators as they defer to WG formation and methodologist discussions (which are reportedly going well with a forum post expected ahead of the Friday deadline).

Noting that today is the deadline for WG formation and funding proposals to hit the forum, the Q4 Funding Council Grant deadline will be tight but remains achievable with the FC Grant proposal slated to hit the forum on October 13 and an IIP post expected by Oct 18. Analytics and Product WG Q4 proposals have yet to be posted, so please keep an eye out and review expeditiously so as to leave what may be left of @gregdocter’s sanity intact.

Everyone on Leadership call got to experience an absolutely beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday (to us!) sung impromptu by @JMoss. It absolutely made my day and provided a perfect semicolon to another day here at Index Coop. Y’all keep being amazing and owl keep writing about it! Enjoy the rest of this celebratory day, and if you happen to be reading this in London in preparation for Token 2049: enjoy and make us all proud!

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1000 - New Joiner [APAC]
1100 - Conversations with the Coop - Titans of Data, @Thomas_Hepner and @Kiba (drop questions here)
1600 - Creative & Design Bi-Weekly (45-min)
1900 - Growth WG Meeting [CANCELLED THIS WEEK]

OOO: @Pepperoni_Joe thru Oct 8 (DRIs during absence ), @LemonadeAlpha thru Oct 8
@oneski22: stepping back from day-to-day

Daily DAOwlpha: “A DAO’s treasury its war chest and it needs to be sustainable.” - @Mringz

- @mel.eth


Hoot hoot :owl:

Great work to everyone who made this one of the most exciting and memorable days in Coop history :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

@nic @0xMitz @Static121

We need to make the @jujube interview go super viral! Was trying to not to choke up


What a huge day! (and week for that matter). Yeah we should think about Tweeting out little clips of all three of these stories over the next few months. I think it shows a lot of who we are. @helmass and I have chatted a little about story and it might be a cool thing to do.