The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.12.22 Wednesday

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Twas three days before Christmas and all through the DAO, BD closing deals made contributors say “WOW.” And I in my sweatpants and Mitz with her tabs, had just settled down for a long summer/winter’s gab…That’s all I got LOL

Holiday cheer was in the air today at Index Coop and the spirit of the holidays was on full display. Owls gathered to tell tales, celebrate our progress and play some reindeer games.

Editor’s note: the sCoop will be on hiatus until the week of January 3rd…happy holidays to all and see you in 2022.



  • [Balancer] Set up a Structure for Long Term Collaboration with Tempus

Product | Launch | Liquidity:

  • IIP-## DG1: Launch the Total Crypto Market Cap Index (MCAP)

Takin’ Care of Business (Development)

Business Development (22 attendees) notion | BDWG Dune by @anthonyb.eth

@Mringz kicked things letting everyone know that there will be a low-key BD office party next Wednesday during the regular meeting time. So bring a beverage, sit back and celebrate an open forum with your fellow Owls.

One initiative that BD is working on, is growing the amount of content and awareness around their efforts. One of those first initiatives includes setting up the @coopgrowth Twitter account. @funkmasterflex_ and @shawn16400 are building out that strategy and setting it up for success.

A first call was recently held with Ricochet Exchange. Their protocol allows users to trade ERC20 tokens using streaming, continuous payments. They do not offer the advantages over centralized exchanges including privacy, security, and fees. Polygon Index is back on the table and is more likely now that we have other products on Polygon.

Bo from Bankless was on the call, he and @funkmasterflex discussed some cross-promotional opportunities and events focused on $GMI. This will include interviews with some of the leaders of the protocols allocated within the index. One of the areas we can really help other DAOs is helping them gain yield for them via stablecoins.

@funkmasterflex has been chatting with Parcel and Juicebox DAO. They each manage treasuries for other DAOs. There might be a great opportunity there to partner with them and become a part of these automated treasury buys. This will definitely be a focus for 2022.

On the university blockchain club front, we’re putting together a deck to send to them. And this walkthrough is what Index Coop is and how to participate in the voting process. The idea of an Index Coop University Day is also something being seriously considered.

:christmas_tree:EOY Celebration :owl: Year of the OWL​:christmas_tree:

Hosted by @0xMitz

The Owls gathered to celebrate the end of 2021 and what lays ahead for us in 2022. A big thanks to @0xMitz for MCing and putting this amazing community event together for all of us.

Along with a lot of fun games, we also took a walk down memory lane to the olden days…14 months ago. @gregdocter joined in October 2020 and he wasn’t sure exactly what they were doing in this nascent space. @overanalyser described the DAO being formed by Set and remembers @puniaviision & @setoshi running the show. The number of organized, talented people that have joined is a big change he’s noticed. @MrMadila says the early days were intimate…boarding on romantic. He got a message from @puniaviision that said something to the effect of “Welcome to the Future of Work” and that stuck with him.

Joining in Feburary, @Mringz jumped into an Engineering call and didn’t have a clear idea of what was going on. The MVI community call is something burned in his brain. There was no metaverse hype going on when @DarkForestCapital & @verto0912 first developed the index. @catjam had been working in crypto for 6 months and didn’t really get it. She found Index and jumped into the Product Working Group. She met @chasechapman and the Women + NB of Index Coop has taken off. @afromac was inspired by the community, lurked for a few months, learned loads by hanging out, and found himself having the best time…and the rest is history.

Owl Games - Announcing our winners! (Check prizes here)

Launch Quiz:
1st - @kindeagle
2nd - @funkmasterflex
3rd - @Puniaviision

Group quiz:

  1. @lee0007
  2. @allan.g
  3. @Mringz
  4. @Crypto_Texan
  5. @aakansha

Which Owl Do You Choose?

Contributor Video - FANTASTIC JOB @Static121 @caf

A message from the MC: “Congratulations to all the winners and thank you very much everyone for coming to the event. It was so lovely getting to know all of you and spending some time with you during the holiday period.
This will be the last group tag for this event, I promise!”

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - Governance Operations WG Meeting
1600 - BD Office Hours :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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Daily DAOwlpha: I was trying to find out how staking my LP tokens worked…@verto took me step by step and answered all my really brain-dead questions…I was like these people are really, really smart…I had no intention of this becoming a full-time job and within a few weeks I was like ‘this is what I do now.’ Without a doubt the best year of my professional life. - @afromac

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