Community Context: Pods and PWG


Following a need for more product and engineering autonomy coming out of the near-liquidation of the FLI products, the PWG introduces Pods: cross-WG execution units with ownership over product lines.

Beginning with the Automated Indices Pod [prev: Leverage Indices Pod] covering all our leverage index products, the format led to the creation of the Composite Indices Pod [prev: Simple Indices Pod]as well to cover all of our simple indexes like DPI, MVI, BED, etc.

Initially managed by PWG, leaders emerged from these pods who were able to lead the pods independently.

In order to increase the output of the PWG, we are handing off more autonomy and responsibilities to these Pods. While doing that, we want to make the communication channels clear for other community members for how to work with the PWG, and the product Pods.

Areas of responsibilities

Moving into the future, the scope of the Pods is going to expand to include:

  • Sourcing methodologists
  • Onboarding products from ideation to launch
  • Product maintenance [liquidity, parameters]
  • Stakeholder communication within and outside the coop
  • Growth and content strategies

Core PWG contributors will be providing feedback and support to the Pod Leads, but will focus on broader questions like:

  • Conducting hand-offs
  • Defining key roles and responsibilities [methodologists]
  • Fee negotiation standards
  • Internal methodologist strategies
  • Budgeting
  • The formation of new pods as needed
  • Leveling up the Coop’s product skills
  • Roadmap synthesis with engineering WG
  • Relationship with technology partners like Set Labs

Delegating execution and product line strategy to Pods gives them more autonomy to iterate and deliver, increasing the overall product output of the PWG, and giving PWG leaders the opportunity to focus on higher-level step function increases.

Do note that the Pods are made up of members from a wide swath of working groups. They are able to tackle a wider swath of responsibilities because they have members from BD, Growth, Engineering, Analytics, etc. representing each WG’s strength and strategic priority.

Working with the PWG - what it means for the community

Cormac and Miles will serve as the source of truth for any information over the product lines that they serve, including:

  • Information on the product onboarding process
  • State of the roadmap
  • Initial review of new product ideas and methodologist
  • Status of existing conversations

Currently, the Automated Indices Pod is responsible for:

  • ETH2x-FLI
  • BTC2x-FLI
  • In pipeline: iETH and FLI suite expansion

And the Composite Indices Pod is responsible for:

  • DPI
  • MVI
  • DATA
  • In pipeline: YHI, PAY, LDD, iROBOT, JPG

Any new products that would like to be introduced into the product onboarding process needs to go through them. Any questions or suggestions around existing products need to go to the relevant Pod first.

The Pod leads may assign DRI’s within their pod to work on certain aspects of the product onboarding process and will make any decision-making clear and transparent to the rest of the community.

Any broader topics with implications across product lines can be handled by @Cavalier_Eth with assistance from Punia when necessary.

Concluding thoughts

We are incredibly excited to start implementing these structural changes! We’re at the bleeding edge as to how DAOs manage product and engineering complexities and we think this new structure will be a massive increase in the capabilities of our organization.

Some of the tools we are using to achieve this:

Please give us feedback on how we can improve more going forward, we know there is more that we should be doing, and we want to get better.


Wow - this is a BIG level up for our PWG :white_check_mark:

I’m super excited to see each product pod develop true subject matter expertise. DeFi is big, complex, and growing. Navigating that complexity and helping methodologists design world-class products is a massive value add. Our current design space demands cutting-edge thinkers - and it is clear that our team is leveling up at an incredibly fast pace to meet this demand.

Improving our management of the entire product lifecycle will serve as a massive accelerator for IC as a whole. Here are some areas/ideas I have been thinking about a lot.

Reducing product friction

Methodologists, community members, and contributors all experience a high level of friction when it comes to launching products with IC. In many ways this friction is a testament to just how hard it is to launch complex financial products on Ethereum. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

The more we can reduce this friction for all parties the more efficient our organization will become. I know PWG has been making massive strides here - and I think this work will really start to pay off.

Identify core competencies and skill sets

Our products require a high-level of technical knowledge to launch - especially our complex exchange traded products. These products require extensive risk modeling as well as a deep understanding of the underlying smart contracts.

Honing in and building out these capabilities will really help build out our moat and facilitate the entire methodologist >>> product >>> engineering lifecycle.

Building our “DeFi” strategy

Over the past few months it is becoming increasingly clear that truly successful DeFi protocols need to embrace a multi-chain strategy. Winning Ethereum Layer 1 is no longer good enough - we need to design a product strategy that will allow us to win across all L2s, sidechains, and L1s.

DeFi “blue-chip” projects that fail to embrace the realities of a multi-polar / multi-chain world will see their leads start to crumble. We need to stay ahead of the curve here - this will require close work and collaboration across multiple functional areas. Specifically BD, Engineering, and PWG.

Great work PWG! It’s super awesome to see all your hard work paying off - I am confident that we have the core nucleus for a truly world class DeFi Product team.


This is fantastic feedback Simon and exactly what we need to hear!

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