The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.10.26 - Tuesday

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Today, Institutional Business and Analytics WGs met, along with Wizardry and TOC Tea Time. Tomorrow, Business Development and the Leadership Forum; we also pick back up with the next installment of Index 2.0: Representation and Equality.

While this newsletter endeavors to fully cover WG meetings, touchpoints such as Wizardry (an onramp function of EWG) and Tea Time (an informal weekly meeting on TOC initiatives) are incredibly valuable. Wizardry seeks to level-up developers and web2 natives; please reach out in discord to get involved.


Product Spotlight:

Institutional Business WG (22 attendees) notion
On the next episode of adventures in institutional adoption with @Metfanmike and @fallow8! While meetings may unfortunately be getting a bit too crowded for full-send openers, I’ll note that the amount of relevant legacy finance experience that new contributors have highlighted in first-time-caller introductions has been up-only, and for a WG that keeps one claw firmly wrapped around a few blockchains and the other extended to the full-spectrum of institutions, these types of insights are incredibly valuable; a hearty welcome to all the new Owls. I’ve dropped the slide on Getting Involved in IBWG below.

Three common institutional blockers: Custody, liquidity, and trade execution (pronounced li-qui-di-ty). Common institutional adoption phases: BTC → ETH → DPI. How does IBWG meet institutions where they’re at? Through education, awareness, and infrastructure. You’re officially caught-up.

@Airbayer ran through the long adoption cycle, highlighting how and when money has historically flowed into a new sector, first into yield generation opportunities and then into equities; while there is some nuance due to the nature of DeFi and crypto, the thinking is that perhaps similarly, once family offices and smaller lending institutions clear the way, potentially huge sums of capital are going to follow.

@MrMadila, @oneski22 and myself discussed regulation and yield for a bit; it was noted that there doesn’t appear to be much concern among large DPI holders at present around intrinsic yield generation. Insert some cagey language about forthcoming listings by large custodians HERE. Aaaaand, it’s starting to look a lot like we should build a deck, maybe a few . . . @pujimak_in is looking at getting an MVI deck going and @Thomas_Hepner is working on DATA; but first, some 1-pagers are in the works.

Otherwise noted: BDWG is putting together a playbook for Owls that plan to represent The Coop at upcoming events (jeeeze how rowdy did y’all get in Lisbon @MrMadila and @caf!?). @MrMadila noted that GMWG has budget to sponsor Owls looking to sponsor events, and otherwise highlighted that notion would be a good place to host a repository of events and attendees.

Analytics WG (15 attendees) notion | dune | (bow-nus dune by @anthonyb.eth)
There are some WGs that are fun to survey as a new contributor, this is one of them. What does success look like, how is it measured, are the measurements useful to effectively make strategic decisions? These don’t have to be fun topics, but @jdcook just can’t help it, so jump in Owls and let’s get analyzing.

Up for discussion today: Liquidity and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). While there are currently a single set of KPIs across IC products, the nature of different product-types makes some fine-tuning of the KPIs used, by product, more useful. Additionally setting up KPIs around liquidity mining programs was discussed.

On the liquidity-front there are several parallel efforts coming together with @jackiepoo @sidhemraj and @christn all actively coalescing around the problem-set: the liquidity of our products and the tokens that comprise them. While saving some gas on a rebalance might not seem worthy of group attention, scaled across time and a growing product lineup, it adds up.

@jdcook gave a shout to @christn for efforts on the POAP analysis from the DeFi Summer Series event, and the BD Dashboard is shaping up nicely with @anthonyb.eth at the helm.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - Index 2.0: Representation & Equality
1600 - Business Development
1800 - Leadership Forum

Daily DAOwlpha: The real title for our space is ‘Web3’. It encompasses more than just crypto, blockchain, and distributed ledger technology. It’s all of that plus token-coordination, DAOs, and all of the innovations yet to come. It is something that retail, regulators, and institutions alike can comprehend. Most importantly: it firmly positions us as the next logical step in the unbroken chain of human progress and technological innovation. - @oneski22

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