The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.10.25 - Monday

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Today we had the Weekly Stand-Up and Product Working Group meetings, followed by a community call to run through the forthcoming proposal on the rebranded Talent Operations Change WG. Of note, PWG will now be meeting every-other week to free-up time for pod sync-up. Tomorrow is standard fare for a Tuesday with Institutional Business, Analytics, Wizardry and a spot of TOC Tea Time.


Product Spotlight:

Weekly Stand Up (53 attendees) slides
With @BigSky7 back in the chair, BigSky Energy included, the question was asked, “What does it mean to be a world-class organization?” @BigSky7 stressed the importance of tying our values to the long-term strategies they underpin, so we can all call ourselves part of an organization we’re proud of.

The two newest WGs, Women+Non-Binary (= WIC = Women in Crypto) and Governance Operations, will hold open meetings weekly on Thursdays, and Product WG meetings will be at the same Owl time, same Owl place, just every other week. Always check the public calendar for the latest info and berate your local WGL relentlessly if they’re leaving stale info up. Otherwise WIC is planning a kickoff party (details TBD), a modified path to level-up to Bronze, and are looking for Owls interested in becoming mentors (reach out to @jujube aka juanna#8213 on discord ).

@Pepperoni_Joe highlighted the latest push by TOC to get ‘notion champions’ and ‘talent scouts’ established throughout The Coop; details to follow in a forthcoming forum post. @fallow8 noted that there’s hope that PAY will be unblocked soon, re talks with DFP, with @snasps noting that DFP are pushing on their end as well.
@MrMadila gave a shout to @Alks4778 for getting the definitive Index Coop Glossary up on Medium, and having seen the light of the outside world is keen to send us all to conferences and events, so reach out to @MrMadila directly if you’re hitting the event circuit and would like to explore sponsorship options.

IIP-96 passed, looking to incentivize MVI liquidity to Uniswap v3, and work will begin on that staking contract. @edwardk noted good progress on the liquidity analytics tool and scoping efforts around a Polygon-optimized website with some L2 products in the pipeline; for now copy @edwardk on any proposals with a technical requirement for awareness and feedback.

@Matthew_Graham noted that the Finance Nest will be issuing their quarterly report this week. While net revenue for August and September was cumulatively over $1MM, contributor rewards have been increasing as well with vesting contract activity noted as a contributing factor; overall @Matthew_Graham noted taht we’re moving in the right direction. Rewards distribution for the next month is planned via Parcel.

Product WG (13 attendees) notion
We opened today with @BigSky7 giving some color on the ongoing methodologist fee discussions, noting groundwork that was laid by @verto0912 via the Methodologist Fee Menu; based on current conversations the relationship is expected to remain productive.

The product tracker, a matrix maintained by PWG, has begun a transition to the notion space to allow for more granular tracking and better Coop-wide visibility. @allan.g gave an update on MATIC2x-FLI, requiring some interfacing with Aave to compose the 2x position, or perhaps reducing the leverage ratio. Keep your eyes on the forum for an incoming proposal in partnership with Bankless (the chatter so far is around the ticker: APE); otherwise, JPG is making good progress re liquidity concerns, and iROBOT is doing some more back-testing this week. We got pretty deep into the weeds on underlying token liquidity for composite index rebalances, with @overanalyser noting that @jackiepoo has been a huge help; the gist is that each underlying token has unique liquidity characteristics, so rebalances are a very hands-on process, for now.

There was some discussion around thin INDEX liquidity, with a @overanalyser highlighting a case as recently as this morning where a Uniswap v3 LP repositioning caused an approximate 10% decline in INDEX token price. Also discussed was the potential for INDEX staking to further deplete on-chain liquidity, with @overanalyser suggesting that LP tokens also be staked to mitigate, should that come to pass. Otherwise, single-sided INDEX liquidity can be provided on Bancor presently as we’re still a ways off from the $800k cap.

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1400 - Institutional Business WG Meeting
1600 - Analytics WG
1800 - Wizardry Weekly Call
2000 - POC Tea Time (geared toward new Owls, 30 mins, discord: [ POC Tea Time :coffee: ] )

Daily DAOwlpha: Every DAO needs a wiki / But those who have the knowledge are too busy to document it / A useful onboarding task → new members document at least one process / Improves docs + gives new ppl an excuse to reach out to others in the DAO - @chasechapman via Twitter

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