Discussion on Council's Vision from Leadership Forum

Last week during the Leadership forum @Pepperoni_Joe and the Index Council shared with all of us their draft Vision statement and 5 key principles that support that vision. The plan is that tomorrow (11 Jan) during the Leadership Forum they will discuss it some more.

I know that’s in basically 12 hours but I wanted to open a place where some folks could share feedback; do some deep thinking on the subject and document their thoughts out loud as we head into the discussion tomorrow. This is a safe space to do that. I confirmed with a wise owl it was ok for me to share these slides but I respect the council, their monumental effort and have no expectation that they are bound to the discussion here, however I know that their #1 is building consensus around this subject as a community.

The Vision they shared:

The 5 principles:

I really love the direction this is taking us. If we voted/agreed/moved out with this vision and strategy tomorrow I would be 100% onboard and cranking away at the keyboard to build it into our New Joiner and contributor material.
One word that is not in this new vision or strategies that I wanted to ponder was “safe”. This is one of the principles that originally drew me to the IC, it was obvious both verbally in interviews and written word that the goal of the IC was to deliver a safe, accessible path to crypto investing for regular folks. I would like there to be a way to maintain that written commitment to building products that are safe and understandable for the regular user IF (and a big if that I’m open to different opinions on) IF that is still our vision for 5/10/20 years from now.

Index Council thanks for the great work and dedication you are putting in on behalf of our community.

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