What's our vision

Post the highest vision you see for Index and the eco system :star:

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At the moment it looks something like this:

Index Coop’s vision is to create the most reliable, best-in-class financial products that allow anyone around the world to easily achieve financial freedom. You can imagine the Index Coop like a crypto Blackrock. The Coop creates crypto ETPs (Exchange traded products) that help users get broad exposure to different sectors or themes across crypto. As a decentralized organization this vision cannot be realised without a devotion to open communication, coordination and collaboration. Our diverse community at Index Coop is made of activist investors, blockchain developers, growth marketers, and governance operators contributing to our vision.

There is more to come on this subject and updates will be posted here and on the forum for others to discuss. What’s your vision for the ecosystem and Index @Satoshiabloh?

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Provide the most simple, popular and efficient exposure to different INDEX products.
Becoming the household brand for crypto INDEX products. Most compliant, secure and innovative.

INDEX token is a governance token and may become a cashflow token over time.

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