The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.03.08 Tuesday

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Not too many meetings today. The main event of today was the Index Council Retro, where contributors and councilmembers voiced opinions on the future of the Council.

Tomorrow, join us at the Leadership Forum where we continue the talk on the future of the Council, likely for one of the last times (for the time being).



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Once again: The future of the Index Council

Retro IC Council v1 slides | recording available soon

Today, @chasechapman led a retro on the Index Council as we continue to contemplate its future (v2 Proposal here). We split into 4 breakout rooms then reconvened to discuss results. Each breakout room filled out a Jamboard.

Schedule a 15-minute meeting with @shawn16400 to discuss your thoughts on the Index Council using his Calendly, here. He will survey from March 8-15, compile results from March 15-18, then publish recommendations on March 21. We ended with a promise to continue conversation of when to end discussion and make a decision on the future of the Index Council tomorrow at the Leadership Forum.

Talking Tokenomics

F.Nest’s Money Talks was canceled today, but here’s an few update from chat in the Contributor Discord’s #tokenomics channel. Feel free to comment on it here.

From F.Nest Lead Matt Graham:

In the above model, Index Coop creates a productive use case for INDEX. INDEX holders can deposit INDEX and receive Interest Bearing INDEX, ibINDEX.

ibINDEX offers a number of benefits.

  1. INDEX holders can now earn yield on their INDEX.
  2. Index Coop gains TVL
  3. INDEX buyback flywheel

The source of the yield is derived from a strategy that uses INDEX as collateral, borrows cheap debt, then purchases and holds Index Coop’s yield generating products. The yield earned exceeds the cost of debt and thus a profit is generated. This profit is then used to purchase INDEX on market and distribute it back to those who deposited INDEX into the contact.

In the simplest form, this is a vault strategy that uses products like REAL and PAY to earn yield and buy INDEX on market.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1800 - BD Pod Internal Sync
1900 - Leadership Forum
2100 - $FIXED Community Call

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