IC WEBSITE 2.0 (Brainstorming)

Hello community!

In the last couple of days, thanks to @Cavalier_Eth and @DevOnDeFi I started working on a beautiful initiative for our community: make the IC website the most ambitious and appealing website in the DeFi space. Our website is how we present ourselves to the outside world. Thus, if we want to become the first asset management in the world, then we need to work on a top-class website. Users should feel amazed by how simple it is to manage their index portfolio while buying index products. Users should dream of joining our DAO by reading and listening to the story of our community members. Users should say “WOW, this website is damn good!”.

Why am I telling all of this? As the title suggests, I need your suggestion to understand what we need to build this ambitious project. I have already reached out to some of you and I have received many great insights. Thanks to @gekonn @LemonadeAlpha @DarkForestCapital for your early feedback. Check an initial list below:

I want to hear more though. The more feedback we receive the more we understand what we need as well as come up with fresh/original ideas for our website. Now, I ask you to be ambitious and envision the future version of the IC website. What do you see?


This is great. It might be useful to do a value flow from the top-level KPI objectives to the site. For example, “Increase net capital inflows” → “Increase minting” → “We need an easy-to-use mint button on each product page”


Love your proposal @JosephKnecht

I agree that the website should play an active role in reaching KPI. Do you know where I can find the latest KPI targets? I could probably take some inspiration from those :slight_smile:

Cheers. I think the next round of KPIs are in progress. Tagging @jdcook

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Love to see this @alerex !

Just to check, this is mostly a request for feedback and ideas re the app.indexcoop.com website (with our proprietary tech powering it), less so the indexcoop.com (marketing) website right?

Coming back with some ideas soon…

Thanks for the question @DevOnDeFi

I want the community to feel free to share whatever feedback they have in mind regarding our website. This can be about everything. I am aware of the amazing changes that designers are already doing and this is something that we will keep into consideration once we analyze the findings of this investigation

Thank you @alerex for this initiative! I like the way you’re approaching this.

Based on the new features you’ve listed, it sounds like an implicit goal is to be able to attribute an increase in transactions/purchases of Index products back to the website. In other words, you want our website to be beautiful AND lead to more people buying products through it. Does that sound right?

If so, one question I have is if we have analytics on how much people use our site to make transactions. Would be good to have a baseline to compare to!


I just met a rep from a fiat onramp aggregator at Token2049 this week. Do we have any plans to implement a feature where people can buy our products for cash?

He explained that his service functions similar to 1inch in that it will automatically route the best on-ramp service (transak, wyre etc) depending on their location and currency.

Think it could be as easy as a widget install. Was going to raise this with @DevOnDeFi this week but seems a relevant topic to mention it


Thrilled to see your initiative and robust approach to this @alerex :clap:

We’ve got a great opportunity to make app.index.com a rich experience and competitive advantage. I’m especially keen to see what customers want…


Thanks for the message here. You raise a good point that we didn’t explicitly formulate. From a product perspective, we are looking at what to functionally/content-wise improve on our website. IMHO, making the index portfolio management a seamless user experience in our website/APP has a longer-term ROI than just focusing on increasing the number of people buying Index products. Curious to hear your thoughts on this.

Regarding the analytics, I am not sure if we have similar tools in place. I agree that it is ideal to validate with real data some of the assumptions we are making in this discovery.

Thanks for the feedback @Static121

I am personally a big supporter of the fiat on-ramp applications. I have used Transak a couple of times in the past. It has not been raised by other community members as a requirement so far, but I will add it in the bucket list :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support @Cavalier_Eth. I love the energy I am seeing for this initiative and I can’t wait to share some of the results of this discovery phase. I have to admit that we didn’t involve customers directly too much in this phase, but this is something that we should definitely do when we move to validate some of the assumptions we are making.

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We used to have Transak set up on the current site, I think the UX / fee structure is not great.


Hey @alerex,

Great to connect recently, share some ideas and now see you climbing the mountain! Go go go.

I am personally not too worried about trading on app.indexcoop.com (referred to as app.ic.com below), unless we could route to a best execution - similar to how MetaMask/Zerion do. Maybe a run to Matcha/other would be simple - the current run to Uni is quite limited (unless I’ve misunderstood some of our current infra - I think it’s still just Uni). Then, I would enjoy trading on app.ic.com.

The other things I would dream of doing on app.ic.com:

  1. Staking and yield opportunities, ranked, analyzed for: a) $INDEX, b) $DPI, c) $MVI, d) $DATA, other. Coop products. Seeing various opportunities in crypto, their APYs, etc, would be cool - even better if you could then execute transaction via app.ic.com. Might be hard to support and manage.
  2. Credit/lending opportunities for our token and products: I see the ability to borrow against our products as a key part of the financialization of crypto, and Coop products, and would love to know at any one time, in a few clicks, that I could access $ worth of credit in a few clicks. Our site talking to these lending infras would be even better. Would also require some post-release management and support.
  3. Richer product analytics per product: taking $MVI as an example, I would love to see some of the Dune data - and more - that is available on MVI, in our own UI. Addresses holding, break down of holders, trends of net buying selling ($ terms), all that good stuff, and if we could even surface (where available and permissioned) famous holders that would be cool social proof. Eg id GodVC, BetterThanGodVC and 10xGodVC held MVI, that would be cool to surface to clients. The Dune UI is lovable for crypto nerds, but not up to snuff in terms of Apple, Stripe and other Web 2.0 UX leaders. I feel our UX and digital design execution is a core part of converting normie investors who hold most of their wealth at Fidelity, Hargreaves Landsdown, Deutsche Bank, etc.
  4. Crypto infra stack re products: maybe this goes on the DPI, MVI and other product pages, but there’s lots of social proof and click through to sale value in showing all the custodians and core financial system stack which supports our products. Eg Bitgo and DPI - something we should probably add to the DPI page in new designed site soon. @Metfanmike keeps saying he’s listing $INDEX on the galaxy’s largest crypto exchange SoonTM ( :wink: ), so having that featured on the token (or other products’) page would be great.
  5. Though I work in USD, supporting other fiat currencies and being more global in focus seems like a good thing to aim for too.
  6. Notifications: most of the above is in-session, on-site in its focus. I’d love to be able to get alerted/notified of certain things by Index Coop. E.g. newly launched product and LM pool. E.g. 2 price alerts = MVI has dropped below $XXX - might want to buy some more. E.g. 3 - LM ended for YY product/moved to location ZZ.
  7. Portfolio management, analysis and reporting: back to on-site and maybe a long-term reach. Having the tools like Fidelity does to view portfolio, manage it, compare, etc, would be cool. There could be click throughs to tax reporting partners, tax loss harvesting tools, etc. Even click throughs to tradfi account infra providers that might be helpful (Roth IRAs, IRAs).

That’s most of what comes to mind atm - a bit of a wider, stream of consciousness. If there are more things holders of INDEX can do in time, that would seem like an especially reachable opportunity to make our website more core to Coop clients’ user experience.


Thanks @DevOnDeFi for the amazing insights that you shared. It’s just incredible the support that you gave since I started working on this initiative :pray:

If I am not mistaken, we are not currently offering staking yields to our users. This means that we need to support Index staking before we can implement it on our website. I would love to see this functionality though.

Same as per the previous point. I am not sure we currently offer any credit/lending opportunities to our users. Do you know more about it?

I am not sure I got this point. Do you want to show in the product page which custody are securing the Index products?

I love this!


Hello :wave:

A quick update on where we are within the IC Website 2.0 journey. All the community feedbacks we received have been listed down and prioritized on this Notion page

We are using Notion to track the progress of the website development. Go check it out the roadmap we created to see how we are planning to upgrade the Index Website in the coming months.

If you have any questions/curiosity on the website development, please visit first this FAQ page. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can reach out to me and I will make sure to update the FAQ page with your question :wink: