Investment Committee - calling for Expressions of Interest

Hi everyone,

The initial Investment Committee (IC) proposal has been up for about a week now, with 18 votes for creating the committee and 0 votes against. While I’m jealous of the numbers we are getting on the new logo post, I still consider this a solid turnout.

This post is meant to solicit expressions of interest from anyone who wants to be on the IC. My preference would be to keep the IC at 4 members, initially. However, if there’s more demand then we can consider our options.

The IC will have some recurring deliverables and, as such, require consistent time commitment from its members. Here are some minimum requirements for each member:

  • Participate in weekly IC & other (for example, monthly catch-up with GWG and monthly guest speaker sessions) calls;
  • Consistently produce investment insights style content, whether macro or token-specific. Each IC member will cover 3 tokens (currently there are only 10 in DPI, but I expect it to be 12 or more soon). For the first month, we will be looking to create one-pagers/short summaries for each token.
  • Meta-governance is an important responsibility for the Coop. So far, it is active for UNI, COMP and AAVE. Analyst for these tokens will need to understand their governance proposals and write up a summary as well as a recommendation for how $INDEX holders should vote on each new proposal.
  • Be available to members of the community who want to produce investment-related content. The IC should support these initiatives in any way we can.

The above is a rough estimate. All of these items will be discussed on the kick-off call.

Given the consistent and recurring deliverables, it’s been suggested that each member of the IC should receive a fixed monthly payment, in $INDEX tokens. My preference would be to start small and make adjustments as we go. I included a poll here for the community to provide guidance on the appropriate amount. If you vote “None of the above”, please provide a comment. @puniaviision & @DarkForestCapital, let me know if there are issues with this from the Treasury perspective.

Without further ado, please express your interest in the comments. @Lavi and @Thomas_Hepner, we already spoke about this and I’m fully aware of your interest :blush:

IC monthly reward
  • $800
  • $1,200
  • $1,600
  • None of the above

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This is a great idea! and I think we have a few people more than capable of producing high quality reviews and analysis on the tokens we are holding for our users.

I would suggest setting a time limit (3 months) on the commitment.

There should also be some considerations as to how the specified reward interacts with the rewards committee (who work retrospectively). I think the model we are developing is that the rewards committee would reward for contributions that are outside the scope of this or similar project. It’s not a blocker in any way, and I’m sure we can sort something out.

@dylan @inje FYI :eyes:


As for expressions of interest. …

I would love to get involved in such a way. However, to be honest, I don’t think that I currently have the time / capacity / bandwidth to do such a role justice.

But I would be happy to help in any way I can.


Thanks @overanalyser, we can certainly consider rotational membership. I actually think it’s a great idea! Allows new members an opportunity to join the committee and others to drop out based on their interest or other commitments. Perfect!

I’m sure we can figure this out :slight_smile:

You already produce great content! It would be our job to help you. Let’s definitely catch-up once we get this off the ground and we can brainstorm!


Thanks @verto0912 for setting this up!

As you already mentioned, I’m very keen to help out in the IC.

I agree with the suggestion from @overanalyser to set a 3-month limit. I think it’s a reasonable amount of time to get this off the ground, find out what works and what not, and draw a conclusion for how we best proceed from there. It also gives us a good impression of the actual workload and hence, what reward would be adequate.


I’ve been promising a few people this for a while:

Shared google doc with opening prices for DPI and contents, BTC, ETH and INDEX since 14th Sept
Separate tabs with plots for 14th sept to date, Oct, Nov and Dec 2020, Q4 2020 and Jan 2020
DPI should always be Black and heavier than the others
Each tab has with and with out ETH and BTC, Linear and Log scales
INDEX is not plotted
All set team should have editor permission, others should have view and comment.

DM me if you want edit permission

My monthly blogs also have some tables, I’ll probably create a version for this sheet
All data is coingecko opening price


I’m not presently qualified to be on the committee, but feel free to consider me a resource for editing/rewriting!

I could only contribute a couple hours a week this month due to a particularly brutal stretch of schedule, but going forward I could likely pick up a heavier load.

Please let me know how I can help!


@verto As per usual, I agree with @overanalyser 's comment about starting with a 3 month time commitment on this.

Honestly, I do not think I have the time either to pick this up until March 2021, especially given that I am starting work on Treasury & Tokenomics in the free time outside of my full-time job:

I would love to be able to edit/review posts of the Investment Committee where I can and submit the occasional ad-hoc blog post until then. DOC (in Discord channel) would also be great for editing content for the IC.


thanks @DOC, messaged you on Discord and would absolutely love to get you involved!


Looks great and as some others above me I’d also like to express a part time commitment to producing content. I’ll jump on the kick-off call and see how things shape out, seems like the Coop has no shortage of top tier content writers and researchers!

Agree with the 3 month rotation as well, this is likely to be pretty time intensive and it’s nice if people are able to shift focus to keep motivation higher in general.

As for the monthly reward $1200 seems reasonable with room to tune that up/down depending on how the share of work falls between contributors.


Thank you for putting out the EOI. Great Idea :smiley:

I’m keen to get involved. I’m already doing a fair bit of research into the main DeFi projects to understand how they work for myself. I definitely see a lot of value in short overview reports and presenting guidance on upcoming governance proposal across the various projects. I think that will save people a lot of time and provide valuable insight. I have an Engineering Commerce (finance) background and keen interest in macro economics, so yeh, I’d like get involved and help out.


I made an account here too although mostly on discord, just to comment I am interested in helping with research in these projects. I already do a good bit of research already for my own sake in projects and tokens etc, being a DeFi yeild farmer ontop of of Ethereum Miner etc. I’m bluehills on discord as well.


I agree with the content creation suggestions because info on the tokens making up DPI and future offerings will be great for both INDEX Coop decision making and for marketing content.

I’d definitely like to keep in touch with IC work and get involved in the future if I can be useful. (Strong in tech and English, hobbyist at best in finance, good proof reader)


Hi guys, I am slowly in the process of freeing up my diary in order to contribute as much as I possibly can to Index starting this week. I’d like to put my name forward to the IC to carry out research into the protocols etc. Would be so interesting. Thanks

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IC calls are 6pm UK time on Thursday. There are a lot of tokens we need to cover and a lot of other, more macro content that we can produce, so we are always looking for new members who want to dig into token research. Can you message me on Discord with your email address pls and I’ll send you the calendar invite to the meeting.


:raised_hand: @verto0912 is there still a need for any extra hands? more than happy to chip in for any grunt work until i can get up to speed and provide more value.

we currently have all the tokens in the DPI covered. but do message me in Discord with your email and I’ll get you added to the weekly calls & we can see if there are things we can get you involved with.