sCoop Weekly - 2022.04.08

Welcome to the sCoop Weekly where you’ll get a rundown of the week that was and where the Owls are flying next. Be sure to follow daily and weekly Index Cooperative contributor news on Twitter: @IndexCoopDAO

Superstake Your ETH with icETH

$icETH has :rocket: and is our first yield product built on Set Protocol.

The tokenized strategy amplifies ETH staking yield by harnessing the best of Lido’s liquid staking &
AAVE’s money market into a simple ERC-20 token.

Introducing the Interest Compounding ETH Index ($icETH)

A Team Effort to Build icETH Momentum

There’s more to a product than just a great launch. Teams from different Nests are doing their part to help gain TVL and visibility for icETH. If you haven’t checked out the killer icETH Dune Analytics page (seen above), what are you waiting for?

Kudos to the Product and all the Nests who are putting in the work to build a great product and generate awareness for our latest offering.

Community Nest is spearheading an icETH Meme Competition. Check out the details about how you could win some of the $1750 in icETH that’s up for grabs. Or look at the memes that have been created and posted on Discord.

What’s new and in which direction is Index Coop heading over the upcoming week.

Index Council Rolling into Season 1

@afromac led this week’s Leadership Forum and provided information about changes and improvements Index Council would be putting forth this season to help our DAO execute at a high level while remaining transparent and accountable to the community.

  • @anthonyb.eth will function as Secretary and distribute meeting notes each Friday
  • The steward role will rotate and function to keep the discussion on task and focused
  • Meeting will take place for ~90minutes each Monday & Wednesday
  • Majority of the work will be asynchronous

For additional details about the topics being addressed check out the Index Council Agenda Queue & read the slides from this week’s Leadership Forum.

We’ve Got the L2Beat and Forefront Mojo Risin’

Two innovative new indices, LAYER2 and SOCIAL, each passed through IIP to move closer to launch.

The LAYER2 index token will capture the leading protocols in the L2 revolution. The protocols include infrastructure, scaling, and application tokens. The index is being developed while being advised by L2BEAT , the leading L2 analytics dashboard and educational resource.

The Forefont Social Token Index is a digital asset designed to track tokens’ performance within the social token industry. It aims to incorporate projects and communities that have significant usage and show a commitment to ongoing maintenance and development.

Partnering with these two platforms and communities to build profitable products opens up a host of opportunities to expand the mission of Index Coop and continue to develop win-win relationships.

There’s no shortage of industry and educational events in DeFi and crypto. Along with taking part in events worldwide, Index Coop hosts a number of events to help people learn about crypto index products.

Crypto Events/Webinars

Ethereum Devconnect - DeFi Day
April 25th, Amsterdam
Panel Discussion - Funding @MrMadila

2022 Wharton Fintech Conference
April 21-22, Philadephia, PA
DAOs: New Methods of Capital Formation @Metfanmike

Permissionless - Growth Game Plan
May 16th-19th, Palm Beach, FL
Contact @MrMadila for questions, additional details

Index Events/Media Appearances
DeFridays $GMI - Convex with alehinjo.eth & @TheYoungCrews @bgiove @Crypto_Texan
The Daily Gwei with @sassal - Index Coop introduces icETH :ice_cube:
:ice_cube:eth Product Launch Twitter Spaces - @afromac @bradwmorris @TheYoungCrews
Conversations with the Coop featuring @Crypto_Texan & @GAmitej, Founder of @StaderLabs

For Season 1, this section will be a place to surface specific talents needs and contributor opportunities for Nests & Pods. Contact @coolhorsegirl or @kindeagle to create a listing.

Article Writing: Survey of Metagovernance - Reach out to @shawn16400 with Governance Nest for details about the opportunity

Reddit Wizard - Reach out to @Shawnzy with Community Nest for details about the opportunity

Talent Needs - Reach out to @bradwmorris/@Lfeld with Community Nest for helping fill gaps in your Pod/Nest

Impression Mining - Help spread awareness of Index Coop with product-related Social, Blog, and Video posts that can earn you $INDEX rewards. Learn more about the program

Something to share with your non-crypto family and friends to assure them you’re not working in MLM or part of a Ponzi scheme.

icETH Explained - Leveraged Liquid Staking - @Static121