Index Coop Holidays - Open Discussion Thread

As an organization that lives on-chain (and in the halls of discord, discourse, and notion) we have an opportunity to choose the dates that hold significant meaning and are cause for pause, celebration, rest, and reflection.

With the exception of a long weekend, I’m not aware of anything like a holiday/vacation day being proposed over the last year. I’m proposing that over the course of the coming weeks, months, and years we identify days of particular import and endeavor to keep the schedule clear of non-essential meetings. I’ll start by proposing that October 6, the day of Index Coop’s announced formation, be one of these days.

Additionally, there are currently no Working Group meetings on Fridays and I’ve found that most Owls use that day to dive into tasks that may require stringing together a few precious hours to produce impactful work. I would like to propose that Fridays be kept somewhat clear of non-essential meetings to allow Owls to undertake deep-dive tasks relatively uninterrupted outside of weekend hours.

While the nature of our work here allows for significant asynchronous production, as an organization I believe it’s important to communicate to our contributors that recharging of ones batteries is valued by the community, as well as providing periods of time where communication is reduced to allow for deeper and more impactful production.

I’m curious to know if and how other Owls are thinking about the subject holidays and availability in an organization with little precedent in terms of expected availability. Please add any thoughts and if there is a desire to establish some holidays, please drop suggestions below.

Tagging a few Owls that have good historic context on The Coop and might be able to suggest days worth acknowledging; please tag anyone I may be overlooking: @setoshi @dylan @puniaviision @scott_lew_is @sassal @DarkForestCapital @verto0912 @BigSky7 @overanalyser @LemonadeAlpha @DevOnDeFi @Matthew_Graham


Strong support here. While crypto is 24/7 + 365 we as an organization should not be. I honestly think we would get waaaaaaaaay more done if we had certain down-periods in which forum posting and discord was turned off.

There is a Neitzche quote that I cant find right now about the strength of the British empire coming from the fact that they made EVERYONE take Sundays off.

Like human beings have literally been scheduling periods of downtime and relaxation for thousands of years. It is probably not a bad idea.