Proposing an Index Coop long weekend [ June 10 - 13]

Hey owls :owl:!

Over the past 9 months at Index Coop we have seen tremendous growth and progress. Everyone reading this post should be proud of their contribution to this community. We have truly emerged as a leading protocol in DeFi. This would not have happened without thousands of hours of work and effort .

With big success comes lots of gratitude :pray:. This protocol is helping to change the world. And we are having a ton of fun doing it. This is the best job I have ever had and I am sure many others feel that way. Every day I feel lucky to be with IC and our great team.

As IC transitions to the next big stage of our growth it is a good time to reflect. We are building a protocol that will be here for the next 5, 10, 20 years. I can see myself working on IC in some way, shape, or form for many years to come. As we build, we need to be conscious that the culture we build today, will be the same culture we will have at $50 or $100 billion dollars.

In order to sustain our momentum and energy, all of us need to take breaks occasionally. Crypto is global and 24/7. It is very easy to work 80+ hours a week and not even realize it. If we want our community to become a sustainable place to work long-term we need to learn how to take breaks both personally and as an organization.

I would like to propose a long weekend for the Coop community to allow everyone to disconnect for a bit, give back to our families and friends, and re-energize for the next stage of our growth.


  1. June 10-13 (Thursday - Sunday)


  1. IC Community holiday

  2. No Coop related meetings during that period

  3. No expectation to respond on Discord

  4. Minimal Twitter activity

  5. Reduced Forum activity

Of course we are a decentralized organization and people can take out of office time whenever they choose. And no will stop you from working during that time if you really want to. But a Coop-wide holiday will send a powerful message that we are committed to the long-term growth of this project and health of our members.

In conjunction and to celebrate this Holiday - I would like to suggest that donate some small amount ($10k or something reasonable ) to a charity of the communityโ€™s choice (I am partial to an Owl Conservation charity but I know @verto0912 and other have done more work in this area). Sharing our good fortune is just as important as enjoying time off.

  • Yes!
  • No

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Well timed downtime surely helps with inspiration, and lets owls fly better and further in the long run. For.


Great idea โ€” rest is such an important component of productivity!

Appreciated those who proactively addressed Memorial Day call attendance as well. Might be good to put a few big international / bank holidays on the coop calendar (@Pepperoni_Joe , is that something you could do?)


I voted for yes. Downtime is good for everyone. :blush:
I am not sure how will you spend your downtime but if you want to read articles/books these are highly recommended. The Index Coop is a Startup