Index Council - 28 Feb term end (poll)

I strongly agree that we need better tools for collective decision-making. There’s a lot of evidence that linear message boards like the Forum do not lead to optimal decisions. Check any subreddit if you have any doubts. I think a lot of our circular discussions are because we’re not using state-of-the-art tools for deliberation and decision recording

Product and Liquidity have been piloting a tool for collective decision-making called HiveWise and we’ve been impressed. We used it for a retrospective on how we could have improved the profitability for DPI. Screenshot below. If anyone has a group decision they need to make let me know and we can arrange for a HiveWise pilot.


This looks very interesting.

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Cheers. I’ve used a lot of collective decision-making tools in my previous lives and this one’s my favorite so far. It comes out of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. DM me if u want to give it a try.

Would love a demo of this @JosephKnecht , messaged in Discord.

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