INDEX Merch @MetaFactory

Author: @Lavi
Design: beansontoast
Reviewer: @Kiba & @Martin

Simple Summary

  • Design awesome Index swag
  • Let the community decide which apparel looks best
  • Place Index merch on MetaFactory store
  • Drop merch to community members / use it for marketing purposes / just have it on the store for everybody to buy
  • If this first sentiment check is positive, take the next steps to make index apparel a reality


A few days ago there was a request to create INDEX merchandise on MetaFactory in the Discord #design chat. This has led to many positive responses and excitement. We believe that this is a great idea and we would like to initiate the first INDEX apparel.

What we propose

If this sentiment check falls out positive, we’d like to join forces with MetaFactory to put the first collection of INDEX apparel in their store. In order to do so, we propose a few designs and a few mock-ups, to get a sentiment of what gets most likes.

Why MetaFactory

The idea was presented by @Kiba (a community member of both DAOs). MetaFactory would support us in the process of producing the merch and provide a platform to distribute it.
Furthermore, MetaFactory plans to create a digital version of the apparel, which can be used as wearable in the digital Metaverse, such as Decentraland distributed as an NFT (not live yet).
In addition, buyers and designers are rewarded with MetaFactory’s governance token $ROBOT. For more information read their blog.


To provide the community with some examples of what we have in mind, beansontoast has created a few mock-ups.
As of today, two designs are ready which can be used in many variations. First, the owl in pixel-art and secondly, the Index Coop logo combined with the logo-colors of our products (violet for DPI, gold for CGI, etc.).

Here are some examples of how this could look like:



We imagine the collection to have the following properties:

  • minimalistic, laid back: streetwear for every day
  • unisex
  • representing index coop in real life (and one day in-game as well)
  • We propose to start simple and produce only one item

Distribution of Merch

We see three approaches for how we can do this:

  1. Airdrop exclusive merch to the community. For example, the first drop of 50 exclusive shirts will go to community members only. The expenses will be covered by the treasury and counted as reward or bonus
  2. A limited edition of for instance 200 shirts will be available on MetaFactory, first come first serve. The downside with this option is that we can’t ensure everybody from the community who wants a shirt gets one.
  3. A combination of the two. For example 50 exclusive shirts to the community, 100 shirts (in a different color) are for sale on MetaFactory, and 10 shirts reserved for the growth/marketing team as give-aways / competition prizes / rewards

Why should we do this and how does this benefit the Coop?

  • Unique way to reward the community
  • Possibility to make items rare by restricting the amount of apparel dropped
  • We can use this for marketing purposes and increase visibility
  • The drops can be used as prices or give-aways

Next steps if community sentiment is positive:

  • Finalize designs
  • Decide what merch we want to print (hoodie, shirt, mask, cap, hat, fanny pack)
  • Coordinate with MetaFactory to get the merch ready
  • Decide how to distribute the clothes (which approach 1-3)
Sentiment Check
  • Yes, let’s do it
  • No, we should park this for now

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Closing remark:

This is only the first community-driven collection and should serve as a forerunner for future drops. We can work with different artists and communities to create more swag. Ideation for a next drop is already happening with @darkforestcapital who is keen to create an MVI exclusive product.


Please can we have an IndexSocks NFT that is redeemable for a pair of painfully cool looking owl socks? Cliched, but acceptably so, I think. Enough could be minted and made so that when an address reaches 100 governance and meta-governance votes, it is presented with an NFT for these socks of honour.

Overall, an idea that will provide knowledge that can be used for brand awareness, future promotions, and loyalty work. I’m for.


+100 to INDEX x MetaFactory. They’ve made some super dope swag alongside some of the largest projects in the space - a perfect partner for INDEX merch! :owl::robot:


Thanks everyone for voting and commenting!
The sentiment checks looks great and is encouraging to move forward. I’ll close the poll tomorrow and we’ll provide a selection of merch for vote as a next step.

@mrvls_brkfst I hear you and I’d love to have socks at one point, but I suppose we’ll focus on shirts and hoodies for the first drop, as this seems to be highly in demand too.