MVI x MetaFactory Merch Drop

Hi Coop,

Exciting times in the crypto fashion world! I’m thrilled to announce @Static121 and I have teamed up with @DarkForestCapital and @verto0912 to create an exclusive MVI merchandise drop with MetaFactory.

This merchandise drop will benefit $MVI and the Coop by

  • Helping build momentum for MVI as it is already starting a strong upwards trend
  • Strengthening MVI as a Metaverse related brand and community
  • Producing fresh content for social media and potentially press outlets
  • Serving as a precedent for future MVI x Metaverse collaborations

We’ve crafted a few different designs and now it’s time for the community to vote on a style for this drop.
Check out the pdf document attached with an overview of the different styles and then head to this form and let us know your two favourites.

The item with the most votes will be available via a limited edition drop on the MetaFactory website for anyone to purchase a few weeks from now. We will keep you updated on the final design, drop dates and units in the forum and on Discord.

Cheers! :alien:

MVI Merch Style options.pdf (1.8 MB)


Loving the designs - my votes are in! :ballot_box:


OMG!!! loving this and voted!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I really like them all! My votes are in. Actually (I might be in a minority of one here…) I would love the night hoodie in the day style i.e. not zipped. Exciting times.


Yes, love the designs! Have voted and will see!

I don’t know where they get the printing done but I’d love to see the MVI and IndexCoop artwork in something like a Kurzgesagt calendar - so it’s not just a wearable :slight_smile: Anyway, top stuff!


@caf @Static121 @DarkForestCapital @verto0912

Amazing work - my vote is in - I would be happy with any design :slight_smile:


Thank you! So Kurzgesagt is kind of a calendar maker where you can upload your design? Maybe we can do a sentiment check with the community about that. I like the idea of it, I always like to take some physical notes. Do you happen to have a contact there? Maybe they can also plug us in their YouTube channel… :smirk:

They are a group of designers and video makers who just make their own stuff but the quality is great. So, I guess, I am just after something similar in quality, and not necessarily from them. I’ll email them and do some digging on who their printer is.


Voted. I’m up for the white designs. They bring out a more exuberant vibe than the black ones, and thus akin to the metaverse theme. Hope it makes to the eventual design.


Hell yes to the Zip Up Hoodie pls!!

I’m pretty sure my contributor rewards solely fund my metafactory habit at this point, so thanks for keeping that going! The owl VR is beyond sick - I’d love that on a hat as well. I’m nitpicking, but I would drop the period (“welcome to the metaverse.”) on the zip hoodie.



Would love to see MVI owl in other mockups :heart_eyes:

These look great :heart_eyes: when drop?

I have voted. I loved the white t-shirt and the black hoodie.

I would want a zip with the white hoodie to match what you have for the black hoodie.

I agree with the sentiment here - I would love some of these designs in a print for my office to go on the wall, like a set of metaverse / crypto / index coop themed pieces of art. Etsy is normally where I’d look for something like that and the options are not nearly as creative as what you presented here. It’s not a priority, but maybe for the future we could look at some alternatives besides clothes?


Cool design!! Done voting.

I do not know if it is possible. Can Metafactory send free $MVI stickers when we order? :slight_smile:

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Also please tell me there’s a companion sticker pack?


Awesome stuff! Really like the vibe of the community and looking forward to contributing with some ideas.


100% on this! I plan on moving in the next year and hopefully will have a better office setup for it. If so, I want to decorate my office in this kind of stuff

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TradFi has Patagonia vests

We have something 100000000000% better

The future is now! great work all